February 26, 2006

I could barely breathe…

I could barely breathe. My heart was beating fast. I felt scared.
.Was it happening again?・ Light disappeared. The melody stopped.
Everything was shattering. I felt so scared.

I jumped out my bed and tried to hide.
I heard my mom was shouting, .Grace, Andy, come over here!・
.Mom, I am so scared・ I said.
.Come over here, sweet heart・. .Where is Andy?・ mom said.
.It・s again・ I shouted. .It seems not over・. Andy shouted and ran to our side.
The fish tank fell to the ground and shattered. Glasses broke.
Bookshelf fell down. Everything fell down.
20 seconds, 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 30 secondsKit was still.
Mom keened down and started to pray. Andy opened the yellow book and
tried to call but the phone wasn・t working.
Around 3 minutes after, it stopped. We opened the door and ran out to the street.
The sky was red. The air was dirty. Everyone was shouting. Dust was everywhere.
Suddenly it happened again. People ran; everything was shattering and shattering.
Up and down, left and rightK20 seconds, 30 secondsK
I saw something very far far far away, something shattered and brokenK
shattering 40 secondsKand reddish sky again.
People hid everywhere. Then it stopped again.
We couldn・t go anywhere. We felt tired and fell asleep outside.

6 hours after we awaked and mom drove us to the town for some food.
Most of the houses and buildings collapsed. Electricity went out.
Everything was broken. There were many corpses lying in the streets.
There were too many and manyKThere were no more corpse bags to put them in.
Everywhere there was a terrible odor.
Mom kept driving and I couldn・t help and tears kept coming out.
.Don・t cry, Grace, be brave, you will be alright・ Andy said.
I tried to stand my tears and looked at the disaster world from the car window.
I couldn・t imagine who were in the corpse bags.
I was so scared and then a sympathy feeling came up from my heart.
I took out my cell phone and tried to call my friends in my telephone list.
But no one answered the phone and never answered. My tears were in my eyes.
Mom kept driving and driving.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and sat up from the bed, heart beating so fast.
I looked outside. It was a beautiful sunshine morning and
mom was cooking in the kitchen. Andy was washing the car.
I looked at them and smiled. However,
I took out my cell phone and tried to call my friends in my telephone list.
Still, no one answered the phone and never answered.

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