June 12, 2010

Miss it miss out

Follow-up to First thoughts from Chhantell's blog

I was really looking forward to Friday for the presentations.  I really feel like I've missed out on a great learning opportunity, and a chance to draw a conclusion to my experiences. 

From looking at my group's final presentation powerpoint, I was really pleased with what we put together.  Not being able to deliver my part, was like baking a cake and not being able to have a slice...in other words total torture!!! 

Having been a T.A for 7 years, I have had visits to museums, and I have never experienced what I did at Compton Verney.  The children were never engaged, and I now realise it may have been because the teachers did not have that input on how to teach in a museum setting. 

I can remember going on a visit with a year 3 class who were studying the Ancient Greeks. They were told to look at the pictures and artefacts that related to their topic.  In hindsight, maybe had they been put into small groups and given a specific thing to look at, and feed back to the class, they may have got a lot more out of it.  It is so easy to get absorbed by the artwork in a museum that it makes it even easier to detract from the learning objective.

I feel a good amount more confident to teach art, and to go on trips with children.

Jo and Will from Compton Verney, have been really forthcoming with their knowledge and ideas on how to work with children and art, which has been a tremendous help. 

I am so so glad that I didn't do the GTP now, as I highly doubt that this experience would have ever come my way!

June 08, 2010

First thoughts

The first trip to Compton Verney left me with a lot to think about. 

It was really interesting to actually look into the portraits rather than just look at them.  Using the topic of symbolism opened up a lot of new thought and ideas for me compared to looking at them without a purpose. As an adult (I use the term loosely - as I'm yet to grow up) it made me think on a deeper level, which I believe the children will also do.  It really made a difference to be asked the questions like: what do you think? and whydo you think? Instead of simply being told what the symbols were.  For the children, it allows them to be as imaginative as they like without feeling like they are going to be wrong because they are being asked for their ideas.

The opportunity to use the boxes with the artefacts was a great learning opportunity.  It was quite funny to sit in the groups and hear the ideas of what we thought some of the items were used for, and I have to admit I did feel a bit smug when I got something right. 

I actually look forward to bringing a class to the museum for a trip.  My only concern would be the behaviour, judging by my last placement, surely I couldn't be that unlucky :-)x

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