October 19, 2011

19 Oct

Before I take the flight to the UK, more specific, warwick, I feel excited about everything, including every single course I am going to take, the dorm I am going to live, friends I am going to have. The feeling of excitement even covers the sadness of leaving my country, my boyfriend, my dear sisters and my parents. The one thing I did at home was packing rather than taking good care of my parents.

I still remember the day that I pretend to be strong and happy when boarded. I always reminded to myself that I will be back in only one year. Nothing changes. What's more, I can meet anybody anytime I want online. However in reality, it is totally not like the way I thought it would be. I cannot hug my parents, or kiss my honey bunny. I pray thousands of times for a 3D USB camera! Therefore, I can feel more about the person sitting over the other side of the camera. I MISS U SO MUCH!!

Fortunatly, talks with my honey and family plus the tons of assignments relief me from homesick temporarily. I am sure there will be a way out of torture. (Of course, ignoring or escaping it is not a smart idea.)

Do I put everything a little bit bitter? Sorry for that. How about some cheer-up topics?

Make every second in Warwick valuable and memorable. Take advantage of every single oppotunity offered by the univerisity, local insititutes and companies and society. I enjoy the time here, no matter in studying, cooking, outing, chatting or even wandering and sleeping. Sometimes I wish I were a piece of sponge sucking all the information and knowledge like water.

One thing worths mentioning. After two hours of freeze outside, I manage to be the torchbearer. I love the photos even though they are so unreal after photoshoped.

P.S. I never continue any diary in my life. I wish I can stick on this time...

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