October 26, 2008


In my opinion, culture is a multilingual dictionary. Just as one can look up all kinds of words in the multilingual dictionary, people can gain an overview of different countries in the world through their different culture.

I used to think that the key concept of culture lies in the difference, because each country has its own culture. However, since I started to study the British Culture this year, my understanding of the concept of culture has changed. I have recognized that although Britain owns her special culture, she also experienced many similar changes in economy, politics, education and society, as China did. For example, in politics, both Britain and China underwent the period of different parties' domination. While it is an instance, I think it reflects that different countries have cultural connections to some degree. Therefore, since I studied culture this year, I have noticed that different countries can have cultural connections, just as the definition written on the wikipedia website, ¡¡ãCulture can be defined as all the ways of life including arts, beliefs and institutions of a population that are passed down from generation to generation. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture) And I hold that this definition describes the general concept of culture of all countries in the world. Thus, now I support the idea that different countries can still have cultural connections. As I mentioned at the beginning, culture is like a multilingual dictionary, while there are many kinds of definitions in different languages, they describe the same word. So, in many situations, culture may not focus on differences, it may put more emphasis on similarities.

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  1. Sue

    She told me out of the blue that she is teaching herself Arabic. I asked her “Why not French?” she replied that she doesn’t like French which I know is true and that she likes Arabic because amongst other things it looks so pretty. The real reason, of course, is that she’s simply amazing. Apparently it’s in the top ten of languages spoken in the world.

    27 Oct 2008, 04:54

  2. Sue

    One thing I am sure of is that when she’s got to grips with the language she won’t go on Arabian blogs talking about the price of eggs in broken Arabic.

    27 Oct 2008, 07:05

  3. Sue

    That’s probably the biggest amount of annoyance you’ll get from me as far as different ethnic groups are concerned. Mostly I feel indifference. Although I do get a bit fed up with my local Chinese takeaway who have a delivery service and a phone system which identifies the caller. “Hello, Miss Cock” is beginning to wear a bit thin. How would she like it if I called her “Chinky Chops.” When she delivers the food to my door she says “Here’s your order Miss Cock.” It’s really beginning to get on my tits.

    I was wondering if maybe I could have my own blog here if I was the regular “minority ethnic group hater” as it seems to be a niche that hasn’t yet been filled by anyone.

    28 Oct 2008, 07:22

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  • One thing I am sure of is that when she's got to grips with the language she won't go on Arabian blo… by Sue on this entry
  • She told me out of the blue that she is teaching herself Arabic. I asked her "Why not French?" she r… by Sue on this entry

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