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October 28, 2010

managing time_2nd blog

I am doing an essay these days. I schedule the process like ten days for reading, ten days for first draft. I found it is not effective. There were many contingencies which made the schedule impractical. Another problem is how to further arrange actions in each step. For instance, I have problem predicting how long it would take to finish the second sub-question.

Another problem is about determination. Sometimes, I wrote down a plan for next day. It turned out that I failed to follow the plan.

October 13, 2010

managing time–1st blog

During this session, I have got some really valuable information about managing time. First, I got help to identify my goals. I have known I should arrange my time according to what I want in Warwick, but I failed to set and rank my goals. I have finished the goal identification part.

I get to used to arrange my time on a daily basis, e.g. read pp 30-40 between 14.00--15.00. It is tiring because I have to do it everyday. But it really helps me do things in a more efficient way. One problem is that I find it hard to define the time period of doing something. Sometimes I can not finish the task due to the unexpected workload. Sometimes I can easily complete a task in a shorter time since it is not as hard as I expected. Given the information in the session, I should probably refer to SMART: make an achievable and realistic schedule. I guess it is not that easy because it is hard to measure whether or not it is achievable.

Another thing is that I should find the most efficient time for me. I did not realise it before the session. Thanks for the hint.

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