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October 25, 2010

P1–1st blog

In this session, I have known four types of learning style. I know my own learning habit like tending to understand the structure and internal links between different parts. But I did not know corresponding learning style. Thus, I did not how to improve my strength and how to make up for my weaknesses. After taking the session, I know I am in the theorist type and I am poor at activist and being practical.

I plan to enhance my ability of being activist. First, I start to keep a daily record of something new in my life. This is my first time being in the UK. There should be many exciting and interesting things. If I was required to record the fresh things, I have to discover them by going around, taking part in some activities, and making new friends. I believe it is a good way to make me active. Second, I can try to follow my hunch sometimes. I get used to make daily schedule and follow it. I guess sometimes follow feelings rather than plan can make life more exciting and unrestraint.

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