August 17, 2005

I Need Your Help For Making Poverty History

My friend Louise is trying to play an important part in the White Band Day 2 for Make Poverty History.

The G8 summit has not done everything it could have to help the third world debt. There is still a lot more to be achieved for its 3 main aims:
1) for fair trade and justice.
2) for more and better aid.
3) for cancelling the debt.

Louise's idea is to get as many people as possible to donate whatever they can, as well as send us their dream for the future. It can be anything – personal or general – and will be written on a hand, which will be stuck up on a huge white banner. The idea is to have loads of hands from all ethnic backgrounds on one white banner (she's arty!) to symbolise everyone making this particular dream come true.

If you would like to help, leave a comment here and I will organise a letter explaining everything, and a form for your dream and donation to be sent to you. My MSN address is in my user info bit, so if I have no contact details for you, please email them to me.

We aim to have this banner up and completed in time for September 10th (White Band Day 2), so replies are needed ASAP.


Note: more info can be found on and (Edinburgh Liberal Jewish Community)

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  1. i would quite happilyu send out an email to all my friends with your letter attached.

    17 Aug 2005, 08:22

  2. I still feel that the causes of Africa's problems lie chiefly within Africa itself. They can be summed up as the complete absence of the Rule of Law. By the Rule of Law, I mean concepts such as:-

    – Enforced property rights, for smallholders as well as big landlords
    – Impartial and efficient courts
    – Efficient and non-corrupt bureaucracy and police
    – Ease of setting up business.

    Until this fundamental problem is addressed, I don't think aid or differences in trade rules will help. (In fact, aid can make things worse; it prolonged the war in the Congo for several years.)

    17 Aug 2005, 10:21

  3. That's a nice idea, Edward. Except when you have cunts like Robert Mgabe in power, who don't give two shits about his people, people who are too busy trying to find their next meal to overthrow such a large leader, leaving them to their own devices is as good as signing their death warrant.

    And as for setting up businesses, if they haven't got the support of fair world trade, their only customers will be the people who can't afford their services.

    Continuous aid might not be the best solution, but if it helps save people's lives, or even if it just increases the quality of the time they have left, then it's money well spent.

    17 Aug 2005, 12:02

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