November 03, 2004

Come On, Kerry!

It's just gone 3am and I've been up watching the American elections with a few friends in their kitchen. We have had huge amounts of fun nailing Bush's head to a pin board! They have started a really complicated drinking game out of this, so it's going to be great watching them after it's over.


As you can tell, I'm all for freedom of opinions, freedom of expression, and I have a hate of narrow-minded people who believe their opinion to be superior. So no, I don't really want Bush to win. But if the elections are rigged again, there's not a lot anyone can dol…..

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  1. i'm up too, and its not looking too pretty atm :s.

    03 Nov 2004, 03:46

  2. No. But, Kerry isn't doing too badly. He could win. But if Bush has anything to do with it, it'll be a rigged election again.

    03 Nov 2004, 04:44

  3. I cant believe how strongly I feel about this. I will be so disappointed and disgusted if Bush gets re-elected! Lottie and I were discussing it yesterday. Everyone has their own personal believes on topics such as abortion and gay-marriage. But you can choose whether to partake in such 'events' (cant think of a better word). To remove peoples choice in the way Bush wants to seems completely wrong!

    And one final thought;

    Bush seems to me to try to want perfect, old fashioned teenagers, law abidding, hard working, no sex until marriage etc etc. But, just refresh my memory, who is it who's daughters have been caught breaking the law and abusing their bodies with alcohol on several occasions!?!

    03 Nov 2004, 08:08

  4. Damn Bush winning! GRRRRR!

    03 Nov 2004, 18:57

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