December 09, 2004

Rammstein, Judas Priest, Motley Crue – Roll On 2005!!

YEAH BAYBEEE! Look who's managed to get Motley Crue tickets! :D So next year's lookin pretty damn fine! Feb: Rammstein; March: Judas Priest; June: Motley Crue. Could it get any better? (Any offers welcome ;-) )

I'm settling in OK now – met up with a few old friends, caught up a bit, etc. Going back to one of our old haunts on Wednesday – Cheapskates club near Tottenham Court Road. It'll be just like old times (shit, I sound like I'm a geriatric!), except for the minor detail that most of the "old crew" will still be away.

I see a photo-followup entry to those of me on the blog site Penelope's Pitstop! :D Ooooonly way to be!

November 18, 2004

Atomic Pub Crawl #2

I know it's a bit late, but here's a few photos from the second pub crawl with Atomic:

ALex and Penny on the bus on the way there (no, not drunk yet).

Stefan on the way there, before he got drunk and admitted to wearing mini-skirts and heels…..; )

Group photo at the last bar, and all rather worse for wear!

Me and Sarah before my (aparently) random hyper moment…..

…..and during it!

Cheers Murs!

I promised Mursil I'd thank him for sending me a picture of a monkey. So: thankyou Murs, love the pic! And here it is (best pic of a monkey ever):

November 12, 2004

I Bought A RockSoc Exec Member!

On Wednesday RockSoc were selling their execs as slaves. Needless to say, I was bidding!

Me and a mate bought Tim…..poor chap. We definitely got our money's worth! It involved another slave, both of them down to their boxers, the genius minds of me and Liam, and my camera…....for full details visit the RockSoc website!! Pictures will be available soon.

November 09, 2004


Just a few thoughts on the all-nighter on Friday (yes, I know it's a bit late, but hey.).

For a start, how the hell did I stay awake?! I'm so proud of myself! Although I do owe a huuuugge amount to a girl who gave me one of her cans of red bull – no way would I have managed it if I didn't have that!

It probably didn't help my sleep pattern that I finally got to sleep at midnight on Saturday, having been awake since 8:30 Friday morning! It was worth it though. All films were at least enjoyable, even the Chinese one ("House of the Flying Daggers", I think). That was funny, mainly because the girl, Mei, died about 5 times before she stayed dead. And that seemed to be bit of a running theme in the film. A Chinese "Night of the Living Dead" methinks…..

Can't wait 'till the next one! : D

November 03, 2004

Come On, Kerry!

It's just gone 3am and I've been up watching the American elections with a few friends in their kitchen. We have had huge amounts of fun nailing Bush's head to a pin board! They have started a really complicated drinking game out of this, so it's going to be great watching them after it's over.


As you can tell, I'm all for freedom of opinions, freedom of expression, and I have a hate of narrow-minded people who believe their opinion to be superior. So no, I don't really want Bush to win. But if the elections are rigged again, there's not a lot anyone can dol…..

October 30, 2004

Happy Birthday Mark

It was Mark's birthday yesterday (big chorus of "Happy Birthday!"). We went to Sugar in Leamington, where Mark, who was already feeling "merry" proceeded to get wankered. Not just drunk, but paralytic (aparently he passed out :D). Signs of a true birthday…...

And don't worry about leaving us at the club, Mark. We found our merry way home probably a lot easier than if we were carrying you along as well! : P

October 21, 2004

Maths Results

WOOHOO! Look who got 60%!! Minimum pass marks, I know, but it means I got full marks on the 3 questions I attempted! OK. Now to pass a test that includes differentiation. Hmmmm….. the future looks not so bright, methinks…..

Atomic Bowling

Our second Atomic outing took us to…...(wait for it)......Mega Bowl in Leamington. I was unbelievably shite, as usual (i must confess a mere 45 points on the first go!!!) and Penny, who claims to be crap, managed 124. Ahem. Yes, Penny. You're absolute bollocks. (dripping sarcasm)

It was great; we all had a laugh and were especially pleased to find out that our right hand gutter spat the ball back onto the bowling lane in time to knock over the corner pin! That at least guaranteed us one pin down each time!

Here's a couple of pictures from the evening:

Back row: Amy, Sarah, Alex, Penny. Front row: Me, Zara.

Penny, me, and Zara in the background.

October 18, 2004

Hello, And Introducing Smudge

Hi all! 'Tis Lottie. Just thought I'd at least say hi before this blog turns into my ramblings and babble rather than anything anyone can really understand. Well, I need a vent somewhere! Thought I'd upload a picture of my cat Smudge, too. I took this in my back garden not long before I left to come to Warwick.

Don't know about anyone else, but I'm finding it hard to get to bed before 2 am. In fact, I haven't been getting to bed before then! I'm just not sleepy enough. Hmmmm, I seem to need sleeping pills at night, followed by strong caffeine doses during the day…..

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