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November 30, 2013

PMI lecture

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During Jan's visit we spoke about the underlining priniciples of the six sigma initiative. We watched a video created in the 1980's about a Japanese company that produced 7.7 milion products without (most likely) any defects. This was very intriguing because we were previously made to believe that Six Sigma was virtually unattainable. I was amazed that this was possible.

During the lecture we learnt that in order to stay on top, one cannot keep doing what they are doing if they are going to keep getting the same results. This is because we know that everything changes and nothing stays the same. Six sigma is criticized for it inability to really help with this problem. However I think that it is too harshly criticized about this because Six Sigma is the indicator, the warning flag, the alert that ignites change. This is enormously helpful.

Another important thing was that it is important to keep good records because tracking what you do is essential in the "Study" aspect of the PDSA. I believe that this comes back to how important communication is in process improvement. To effectively communicate one's findings with the rest of the organization, i.e. managers, etc., keeping accurate records is key.

November 17, 2013

PMA summary

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I initially thought it would be quite the challenge for me to select the topic or question I wanted to research for my Post-Module Assignment. This was not the case. I was instantly drawn to the question about an organization's supplier management. This is one of the most important parts of a business and also one of the most delicate relationship a business will have. This relationship is important because it is a focal point in a business's operations. Without suppliers a business will not be able to function. Unless they start producing all of their own supplies. However this may still require supplies or resources from another organization. It is an intricate system which requires an intricate relationship. After my research I have learnt that although a buyer-supplier relationship can be complicated, if a business applies basic mutual beneficial policies it becomes a lot easier.

In retrospect, upon finishing my paper I am very happy that I selected this topic. It was hard at times but I know that I did some real learning during these four weeks. In comparing the merits of a PMA as an assesment compared to an end of module test, I believe that a PMA is a more suitable form of assesment from an academic point of view. Especially for a module like Creating Business Excellence which consisted of a lot of discussion, projects, analysis and reflections on new and innovative ways of creating excellence in a business place.

November 10, 2013

Buyer–supplier partnership

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It is becoming increasingly apparent how important creating a buyer-supplier partnership is to having a successful business. Partnerships are such an important aspect of running a good organziation that it is wise to invest time to strategize how the relationship can be optimized. As a business institution, it may seem wise at first to try to keep your supplier at arms length and always try to squeeze out the cheapest possible contracts. In the short run this may be a viable route. However a long term partnership would reap more benefits in the future. The process of having open communication and trust will exponentially improve your products, efficiency, costs and technology.

Businesses in recent years are all moving towards lean supply. This means they are creating partnerships with fewer suppliers which in turn makes it easier for them to forcast production while maintining or increasing quality.

As I have mentioned in earlier blogs, I plan on, in the near future, opening my own business. Developing mutually beneficial relationship with my suppliers will be a priority. By having open communication I will probably benefit from their expertise and experience especially during my first few years of running my business.

November 05, 2013

PMA structure

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After a couple of weeks contemplating my PMA question I have flip flopped a myriad amount of times on how I want my final structure to be. When begning the essay, I believed I had a clear outline of what I thought I needed to highlight and of what I thought would be logical to include in my PMA. However the more I study the question and evidence, the more I reconsider what is important and what is not. In actuality, there should be quite a few ways of presenting the information to a given question in a PMA. However, it is up to the writer to use his/her sense of intuition and figure out what the instructor wants from a student based on the way the question is posed. Personally, I have learnt that one should pick up on coercive phrases and words that can emphasize where you should focus your PMA on.

I had a conversation with Carlo which consisted of sharing how we would approach the same PMA question. Interestingly enough, we both identified what we needed to answer in the question right away. However the composition of the content we wanted to have for our essay was quite different. We wanted to highlight and emphasize different parts of the essay. I think this was fascinating. His approach would have never crossed my mind, and my approach sounded foreign to him. But in the end, we both appreciated the logic behind our respective paths. We were also able to bounce some ideas off each other.

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