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March 26, 2014

Post module assignment questions pt 2

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Some of the apporaches I am discussing in my PMA seem like they can be grouped under each other. For example, I contemplated whether I could group transformational leadership, authentic leadership and team leadership all under the style approach. This could be possible because based on the description and characterisitics of style relationship. However I am going to keep them seperate in order to emphasize their differences and explain whether or not they can be applied to waverider's current situation and leaders.

Another thought I had while working on this PMA was how I could create the criteria for choosing the most appropriate leadership theory that would best fit Waveriders and its leaders. This could be based on many things such as stattegy, vission, type of strategy deployment being use, characters personalitie, type of employees that work at waveriders, condition of the current market, competition and past experiences of leasership appraches at waveriders. The hard part is choosing which variables are more important and which ones to focus in in determining which leadership approach will "fit" in the organization currently.

Post module assignment questions

Writing about web page #LeadershipandExcellence #Leader #MBE #LE #postmodule

There is so much information about leadership and its different apporaches being published and uploaded online that it has been quite a task just filtering out some of the information for my PMA. Having to pick out key information that can illustrate your main arguments is important. Also, with the numerous ammounts of appraches on leadership available, selecting which approaches to highlight and mention. I have decided to discuss leadership styles in more detail and discuss the theories in a broader light. This is just beause I believe the opporunity cost of not going into detail about the leadership theories will not be more valuable than discussing a few styles in depth that I can contrast with my justified point.

Another point of reflection I had about my PMA was whether a combination of more than two appraoches in coaching John Excellence and one of the direcotrs would be effective. I debated the question whether it would be harder to coach and implement more than two approaches per leader. Would it become so complicated that it takes away from the effectiveness of the approaches? I think the olution to this problem is to just address each legitimate approach that I think will apply to each leader's character and situation. Even if that means it will require more than two apporaches. The most important thing is that I clearly and concisely lay out the arguement and support it.

March 21, 2014

Group work reflection

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Decision making is a delicate process that requires a detailed account of all the variables and factors need to make the decision. During our group work I learned many lessons about developing robust decisions based on the decision making process.

One important thing I realised right away was that it would have been imposible for every team in our course to produce the same resuts even if we all used the same decision tools. This is due to a a few factors. One of the reasons for this is that during each of our decision making processes, we considered and assumed different things about the task. This was because depending on the point of view on the group, some variables were prioritised differently based on what each individual group thought was important. Also, due to some of the vague descritions in some parts of the task, this left a lot of room for each team to add assumptions and decide what they thought the task was asking for, And after the presentations in class, my predictions were confirmed.

The last important thing I learned about the decision making tools was that depending the tool you used, you could get different outcomes although none of the factors have changed. Again this reflects on what the group thinks was the most appropriate tool for each decision problem.

March 19, 2014

Approaches vs Theories

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Assessing the different types of theories and approaches to leadership can get somewhat confusing because we are studying different concepts of leadership. Some are theories about what kinds of leaderships there are, some are apporaches on what researchers think make a good leader, and some are leadership styles that leaders can implement.

So far I am learning that there are many different leadership styles that can be a leader can adopt in order to lead. Also the phenomenon of whether the skills of a leader is inherent or can be developed by a person. There are many theories suggesting both ideas. Namely the trait approach assumes that leaders are born with the qualities needed to lead and cannot be developed. On the other hand, there is also a lot of information supporting the idea of leadership development.

At this stage of my research, I am leaning towards the idea that leaders can be developed. My PMA will probably support this idea and delve further into the topic.

March 12, 2014

RDM reflection

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More often than not we are put in a situation where we are required to make decisions. In most cases, we don't even realize when we make a decision or why we made a decision. We tend to go with our "gut" feeling. The reality is that we tend to defer to our System 1 decision making skills. System 1 is generally automatic and intuitive decision making. This is based on our preference of taking mental shortcuts to solve a problem. This usually require minimal effort and leads to many wrong decisions. We base these decisions on four main heuristics. The representative heuristic, the recognition or availability heuristic, the anchoring and adjustment heuristic and the affect heuristic.

System 2 requires more effort and considers all possibilities and alternatives. A person can override their ssystem 1 decision making with system 2 if they aware of some of the system 1 mental shortcuts they tend to use.

This module really allowed me to rethink my everyday decisions and made me aware that I have to re-evaluate more important decisions based on facts and probabilities rather than intuition. This is much harder said than done. There are many psychological aspects a person needs to be aware of in order to consciously resist system 1 decision making.

Psychology and statistics play a major role in the understanding of this module. I think some of the concepts may have been hard to grasp due to our lack of in-depth knowledge the class had in these two areas.

March 02, 2014

Ted x Leadership

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I attended the TedXWarwick event at the arts centre and was completely amazed by the speakers and performers on how well they were able articulate their ideas and talents.

Some of the talks were more influential to me than others. Two in particular stood out to me. The first speaker that really affected my way of thinking was a Slovenian born photographer that had lost his right arm as a child. He spoke about the phenomenon of different perspectives and the perspective of difference. He emphasized how important it is to apply different perspectives to every situation to be able to catch a glimpse of the FULL story in any given situation.

I believe you are able to apply this idea to leadership. An effective leader will not view a task, problem or goal through a narrow lens. An effective leader would certainly attain different perspectives of the same situation to determine the best course of action. By stepping back and seeing the whole picture, a leader can understand some of the implications his/her and their followers' actions can have in the future. As a leader, thinking further than the short term is essential in planning out key decisions. By viewing different perspectives of the same issue, one can try and predict the consequnces of each decision. These are the benefits of different perspecives and the perspective of difference.

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