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February 26, 2014

Money as an incentive?

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Financial security was quite a hot topic in class recently. One arguement consisted of whether or not to consider job satisfaction as the primary determinant for your career choice. The other arguement was to base your career choice on reputation and finance.

My thoughts on this idea are a little complicated. My view on this is that it is important to chose a career that can keep you motivated and challenge you in interesting ways. At the same time it is important to consider the financial aspect if you are looking for long term security for yourself (and family). But the point I dsagree with is to chose a career solely based on your interests while sacrificing financial secuirty. I beleive this would be a rash and somewhat irresponsible decision especially if you have family or friends that are dependent on you financially. I am not saying that one chose money over professional hapiness, but one must consider the consequences of not having some capital to invest in their life and well being. Contrary to the some beliefs of the "evils" of money, there are many benefits of living comfortably in terms of mental and physical well being. I believe the freedom and benefits of having a well paid job can make up for some of the dissatifaction endured during a career you are not completely enjoying.

February 25, 2014

Failing as a Leader

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Failure in leadership seems to be a subjective concept. Discussing how a leader fails was unconclusive in class. This is because people believe that a leader can fail at achieving a task yet succeed in influencing, leading and changing the minds of his followers.

In a case like this failure in leadership is only dependent on how you define leadership. If your definition of leadership consists of achieving an objecive or a goal only, and disregarding the way the leader achieves this, then it is a failure when the goal is not reached. And if you define leadership as more than just readching the goal, then not reaching a goal is not necessarily a failure. In my opinion, it is important for a leader to influence and guide the ideas of his followers towards a goal. If the goal isn't achieved then the leader, in that leadership scenario, has failed. However it still does not mean that the leader has not accomplished something great. He could have impacted his followers on many different levels in a positive way. However the fact still remains; regardless of all the influence, inspiration and confidence the leader exuded, if he does not achieve the commpn goal, then he has failed in that scenario. There is nothing wrong with failure. It is an opportunity to grow and improve. But it is also important to not solely focus on results or be results oriented when leading. I think the key skill is being able fo find the delicate balance between results and the interaction between followers. This is what I will aspire to be an effective leader.

February 21, 2014

Leadership and Democracy

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Democracy is critical in leadership, but it is not necessary. If we take the the tenet of power do we really believe that managers are demorcatic? The fact remains that authoritarian leadership is used across all aspects of business, OK so in some companies there are diluted forms with some say, but this idea of democratic leaders is a false ideology, otherwise we would be hearing about average Joe the cleaner producing the next big idea! Through my time learning about leadership and Human Resource Management (HRM) it is clear that whilst the idea of being democratic is there, the reality is authoritarian all the way. Despite what academics, business staff and everyones favourite meddlers trade unions think about leaders being democratic the fact remains that authoritarian leadership style brings results. Anybody that thinks the leaders of Apple and Microsoft, 2 of the worlds biggest companies ever were democratic needs to assess their views on leadership and what about investors such as Warren Buffet, do we really think he willy-nilly lets other people decide what happens with his money not a chance. It is clear no matter what people wish to portray business as, that it is a profit making environment and money counts, as they say "cash is king". Of course this is only a viewpoint, there are many counter arguements I'm sure but blogs are for opinions and this is one here.

February 13, 2014

What values are you looking for?

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Individual values and organizational values are an important aspect of leadership. A leader will be most effective if he/she finds an organization that has a similar purpose, goal or values as him/herself. But is it possibe to adapt to an organization's principles and is it possible to adopt their way of thinking? This is an important issue that I have been thinking about in the last few days. It is especially important in to me at this moment because this is around the time we are seeking employment and applying for jobs. This is where we have to analyze a company's values, if they have any, and assess how much of a fit we are for these companies or firms. Also we have to evaluate whether we will be motivated enough in this organization or field of work to be a "star" (active leader) and a "fan" (active follower). Or is this organization going to lead me to a dead-end job and transform me into a negative uncooperative member of the company? Currently I have not really determined what values I am looking for at the positions I am applying for. This is actually due to not having had the chance to really delve deep into my mind and heart and determine what values are important to me and what do I consider "deal breakers." This won't be a quick or easy task, but I think these class discussions have gotten me on my way to refklecting on what I perceive to be important in an organization.

February 11, 2014

Leadership Experiment

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The obsession on the idea of understanding the perfect recipe to create an effective leader is a myth. This is somehing I have known for a while and was reaffirmed at the beginning of this module. With the criteria for an effective leader being so subjective, it is unlikely that one perfect "combination" of skill and traits will mystically create the right conditions and sculpt the perfect leader. Another thing I learned, which was more revelating to me, was that treating and interacting people with different people in the same way is not will not yield the same responses.

I think the key to becoming an effective leader lies here. Yes, it is useful to have characteristics such as being able to motivate, engage, teach people, understand emotions, relating, etc. to be an efficient leader. But it is about analyzing what kind of interactions you have with people that will incite them to do what you intend them to do. At this point, I am starting to think of achieving leadership by experimenting and testing different ways of interacting with different kinds of people to find the appropriate type of interaction. This is a slippery slope because one might start to represent themself falsely to achieve a desired response from whoever they are interacting with. This may be the approach some politicians take to manipulate people in their respective regions. However it is important that a leader be able to channel their genuine intentions and temperament while tailoring their interaction to incite action. I believe this is key for a leader and leadership and I will try to implement this idea in my own life.

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