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January 16, 2014

FMEA and FTA: Useful in the right conditions

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FMEAs and FTAs were a challenging concept to grasp initially. The value of these analysis to the Design for Six Sigma process is priceless. However to effectively conduct and study these types of analysis it is important to completely understand and be experienced witht the process. It is hard to create and FMEA and an FTA when you don't know what the process is, how the process works. It is challenging to assess the possible failures and effects if one is not familiar or has experienced the process beign discussed.

I think this was one of the problems we had in our group. Our lack of knowledge about the tank exercise caused us to struggle a little with creating a fault tree analyses. It was especially difficult with the fault tree analyses because you must realyy comprehend the process in order to accurately determine if some steps in the process are independent or dependent on other steps to illustrate OR gate or an AND gate. I think these types of analyses is useful to people that have experience with the subject at hand and can be a very useful too.

January 15, 2014

Customer is "god

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Listening to the customer's voice is VERY important but not sufficient in keeping a customer's loyalty. It was very interesting to realize that there so many expected and unspoken requirememts that customers take for advantage. In order to to keep a customer happy, it is important to maintain a level of unspoken quality while including customer requirements and more. I have realised that although it is impossible to cater to all customers specifically, it is possible to remove all possible obstacles that would give a customer a reason to not buy your product.

I have found that understanding customers is hard and impossible. The most important things to do to maintain or increase your market is to find your niche, find the customer segment(s) you really need to capture and cater to, listen to the true and unfiteredvoice of the customer, let the voice of the customer filter through the whole organization and produce a product that answers this voice. I believe it is also important to create or improve a product that will shock customers in a good way. Create something that customers don't know they need yet but will not be able to live without once they experience it.

January 13, 2014

CTQ and Customer Requirements


The most important point that was empasized during last week's presemtations was the point aout customer satisfaction. Design for Six Sigma seems to emphasize the customer satisfaction aspect of business excellence. I think customer satisfaction is emphasized more in DFSS than it is in a traditional Six Sigma projects. The reason I think this is so important is because when running a DFSS project an organization has limited up-to-date information other than the kinds of requirements the cusomer expects. When designing a product or a service, the key gaol for the producers is to be able to sell their product or service successfully. Listening to the voice of the customer is the only way to find out what they want. One of the most informative piece of information I learnt about while working on the mini projects was that fact that a product or service is only valauble if the customer thinks its valuable. After establishing customer requirements, then it is important to set up a system that can deliver the product or service in a consistent and reliable manner.

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