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March 26, 2014

Post module assignment questions pt 2

Writing about web page #LeadershipandExcellence #Leader #MBE #LE #postmodule

Some of the apporaches I am discussing in my PMA seem like they can be grouped under each other. For example, I contemplated whether I could group transformational leadership, authentic leadership and team leadership all under the style approach. This could be possible because based on the description and characterisitics of style relationship. However I am going to keep them seperate in order to emphasize their differences and explain whether or not they can be applied to waverider's current situation and leaders.

Another thought I had while working on this PMA was how I could create the criteria for choosing the most appropriate leadership theory that would best fit Waveriders and its leaders. This could be based on many things such as stattegy, vission, type of strategy deployment being use, characters personalitie, type of employees that work at waveriders, condition of the current market, competition and past experiences of leasership appraches at waveriders. The hard part is choosing which variables are more important and which ones to focus in in determining which leadership approach will "fit" in the organization currently.

Post module assignment questions

Writing about web page #LeadershipandExcellence #Leader #MBE #LE #postmodule

There is so much information about leadership and its different apporaches being published and uploaded online that it has been quite a task just filtering out some of the information for my PMA. Having to pick out key information that can illustrate your main arguments is important. Also, with the numerous ammounts of appraches on leadership available, selecting which approaches to highlight and mention. I have decided to discuss leadership styles in more detail and discuss the theories in a broader light. This is just beause I believe the opporunity cost of not going into detail about the leadership theories will not be more valuable than discussing a few styles in depth that I can contrast with my justified point.

Another point of reflection I had about my PMA was whether a combination of more than two appraoches in coaching John Excellence and one of the direcotrs would be effective. I debated the question whether it would be harder to coach and implement more than two approaches per leader. Would it become so complicated that it takes away from the effectiveness of the approaches? I think the olution to this problem is to just address each legitimate approach that I think will apply to each leader's character and situation. Even if that means it will require more than two apporaches. The most important thing is that I clearly and concisely lay out the arguement and support it.

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