November 23, 2012

Quality Reliability and Maintenance Module

To sum up, I have studies QRM lecture and was assigned the mini-project about comparing and contrasting the same and difference of EFQM and 6 sigma tools. Our group decided to separate into introduction of both, the characestics of both, and the advantages and disadvantages of both. I chose the introduction of EFQM and after we finish all above things then we will use that information to compare and contrast. Thus The information in the mini-project will be divided into 2 parts; from lecture and from my research.

Start up from the lecture, I have studied about EFQM first. It is about the overall management in organization which concern about 9 important criterias. (5 enablers and 4 results) The objective of EFQM is to focus on the need of customer and shareholders in the organization who mainly focus on the satisfaction and profit respectivly. It mainly applies to the leadership of the company who drives the important goal to the others in the organization. This is very crucial step of EFQM because it involves in lots of people and it has to allow by the boss first. Then the rest enablers is about people, policy & strategy, partnership & resources, and processes. All enablers are used to evaluate the process in order to achieve the 4 results which is about people, customer, society and key performance results. There are the percentages in each criteria to follow. After implementing all criteria, there is the measurement called RADAR. It contains about determine required results, access and review approaches and deploymeny, deploy approaches, plan and develop approaches.

From my research, I found many case study about EFQM. The most surprising that I found is EFQM having no culture improvement liked lean. Thus most of my case study is about the integration of EFQM and other tool. However the easy of implementation is considered as the benefit of using this tools because BMW has applied this theory in their organization.

Moving to the 6 Sigma lecture, the history of 6 sigma was created by motorolla. The objective of 6 sigma is to reduce the number of defect in the process to 3.4 dpm and to decrease the variation in the process. The meaning of 6 sigma comes from the standard normal distribution because 6 sigma is equal 99.73%. That means we can control the quality of product up to 99.73% so we can reduce cost of defect a lot and increase the profit to the company. This is all the principle of 6 sigma. The methodology is using
DMAIC method.
D = Define business objectives which usually comes from customer satisfaction. It has 3 steps.
1. Project team purpose and objective
2. Customer requirements
3. High level process map
M = Measure. It has 2 phases.
1. The creation of the data collection plan
2. The implementation of the data collection plan
A = Analyze. It has 3 phases.
1. Process analysis
2. Root cause analysis
3. Data Analysis
It also contains the useful tool in order to analyze by using SPC. SPC is the tool that uses to measure the variation in the process which set UCL and LCL to control the process. There is also linked with the process capability (Cp,Cpk)
I = Improve.
C = Control.
There are also the people who involve in the 6 sigma because 6 sigma contains many steps to follow. Thus there have to train the people in the organization to understand how it uses and there are many classes of 6 sigma depending on the knowledge.

Finally after gathering all the useful information, every member helps to categorize the comparison in the EQFM and 6 sigma which separated into 2 main parts; suitability and complexity. This action helps me in the time management and the team work. Not only the mini project but the overall class helps me to distinguish the importance of the quality tool which is very important to develop in real life. From my perspective, some classes always give only knowledge without practicing in the real situation. It makes me not clearly understand how they can be used in the real life situation however this class shows me how to choose the most suitable tool and the way how it works.

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