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June 21, 2010

Week nineteen

Writing about web page

The prevailing mindset about IT has to change

Technology works best where senior management takes the lead to convince staff that it will improve teaching and learning, where there is clear understanding of what the technology is expected to do, and where there is a realistic budget to support both initial investment and later development.

Week eighteen

About Frank...

February 01, 2010

week four

The Hype Monster

Uber * hype * has an immensely negative impact on me... over many years films, gadgets, tv series, books and various fads have been given a wide berth purely because the * hype monsters * push stuff as *must* have/do!

However, just people watching amuses me... it is mildly amusing to be be a sidelines hype observer...

if you can avoid translating German and cope with fade in/out subtitle this is a clever, fun response to launch of iPad :o)

Or maybe just consider getting one of these, it's like a tiny ipad...

iPad Nano

August 04, 2009

Upgrading the mobile

Writing about web page

Have left mobile phone contract slumbering for way too long... this leaves me in the shocking position of paying silly money for not a lot!?

So time for an upgrade :)

It appears there are (roughly) 4 price banded options...

1 - Low < £10 monthly

100 mins + 500 texts

with this sort of deal could have these sort of handsets for "free" (24 month contract of course)

Samsung BladeSamsung extreme

2 - Medium < £15 monthly

100 mins + 500 texts + unltd internet Or 300 minutes + unltd texts

same sort of handsets as above

3 - High <> £25 monthly

600 mins + unltd texts + unltd internet

with this sort of deal could have these sort of handsets for "free" (24 month contract of course)

Nokia 5800

HTC Magic

Samsung Jet

4 - Vertigo > £40 monthly

lots of minutes/texts/internet stuff i hope!?


Nokia N97

Blackberry Storm

OK so the heart LOVES the Apple iPhone 3GS (some of my friends have already been seduced...) but perhaps my bank balance and outdoors life would be more comfortable with £10 per month and the sturdy hard wearing Samsung Solid Extreme...

July 20, 2006

Death by Powerpoint

Writing about web page

lol ;–)
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