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April 14, 2008

The negative split

Writing about web page

Just being a part of the biggest road race in the world is an experience… this was my 4th with a dream plan of ‘good for age’ time (3hr 45mins) however the sheer congestion on route meant that after a ridiculously steady start settled for soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying it!! Best I’ve ever felt on route and although mile 25 was a touch painful the sight of Big Ben with the promise of The Mall (finish) just kept the ‘put one foot in front of the other’ mantra going.

Flora London Marathon 2008 Results#

Marathon kit frontRunner No: 14195

5 km 0:29:07
10 km 0:56:49
15 km 1:24:37
20 km 1:51:54
half 1:58:00
25 km 2:19:38
30 km 2:47:39
35 km 3:15:22
40 km 3:42:48
finish 3:54:22

Position (overall) 9758
Position (gender) 1437
Position (age group) 297
Finish time 3:54:22

Still within 2 minutes of PB :) and kept company with fellow Northbrookie/Fetchie ‘Phal’ (running her 1st FLM) for all 26.2 miles :D

April 08, 2008

£500 up for grabs…

Writing about web page

Top video tips welcome :)

January 31, 2008


Writing about web page

OK it’s scary but now find myself more addicted to FETCH than facebook * wibble *FETCH

Great for keeping in touch with my running buddies and the tools for logging, tracking and planning training and races etc. etc. are really neat :0

January distance (miles)
  • running = 69 (includes taking a week off for a niggling pain in leg)
  • cycling = 207

(might start logging swim distance next month too!?)

November 27, 2007

Decision day

Follow-up to London 2008 from Cath's Blog

got accepted!

August 02, 2007

London 2008

Writing about web page

With 8 months and 10 days to go before the 2008 London Marathon it’s time to go for that ballot place (again)

This year, for the first time, you can register online

the ballot is just that – over the past 5 years I’ve been unsuccessful 4 times!? (you have to clock up 5 in a row to get a confirmed entry)

go on, have a go, you know you want to…. really

go on, go on, go on ;-)

Edit: check out this link if you need inspiration

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