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September 05, 2006

Escaping the office

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve taken a few days leave and the extra free time has been filled with lots of fun…

Offchurch 2DE
Had a real rush of a ride cross-country Offchurch 2DE 2006 even if the showjumping Offchurch 2DE 2006 wasn’t quite so much fun ;-)

Finished up 6th individual and my team came 2nd :D

Big blue truck
2DE gave me the chance to test out my new toy truck Animal

Note: 2DE Photographs from

August 17, 2006

Testing out YouTube with Blog

Writing about web page

Another new toy to play with! ;–)

Have tested this out with a clip I took of one of our team members at the British Riding Club Championships 2004.

Clip recorded with my Canon Powershot A80 digital camera.

June 14, 2006


Writing about web page

Owning horses can be an emotional trip.

I’ve owned Barbarella for 20 years now and I couldn’t have sold her on after 2 years let alone now!

Thankfully, because she is quite simply a wonder horse, she is now in a perfect retirement home where I visited her earler this week.

She is still giving her best for the amazing kids that come to ride her and looking fabulous even at the grand old age of 26.
(that’s old for a horse)

Barbarella <code> 26

March 13, 2006

New Season

It may seem like a rumour but I understand that Spring is officially with us!

There are calves bouncing around the yard (probably trying to keep warm) and yesterday Tally (the mare) finally dropped a bay colt. Very cute in the way that only baby creatures can be.

So with all this activity Megan (my mare) had her first training/competition weekend outing of the year. Outdoors on an artificial surface at Weston Lawns, Bulkington.

Dressage training and competition.
12.15 training session in fairly mild weather, she was fairly well behaved…
Competed in 2 tests later in the afternoon as the chill set in. Megan was a little bit sharp as the cold wind got up. Dressage never dull with this one!
N26 - 66.8%
E43 - 68.6%
Comments from the judges…

a little spooky…but lots to like
oops! inattentive

15.00 Show Jump Training back outside at Weston Lawns.
OGM so cold! Last jumped back in October so needed to blow away the cobwebs. Megan behaved as long as I kept hold and kept my leg on.

Great to be out and about again. Was worth the effort of tracking down a replacement tyre for the trailer.

Look forward to better weather ;-)

March 02, 2006

Cold Winter Evenings

Writing about web page

SRC Logo
OMG it was just a touch chilly last night but a few brave folk did venture to join us at Weston Village Hall for the last in a series of evening talks that I have been organising for Stoneleigh Riding Club.

Big thanks to our guest speakers Alan Woodyatt & John Hayes from Warwickshire College Farriery Unit and Donna Case from Spillers Horse Feeds.

A bit of a buzz and lots of chat during the break. Hit the spot!

Phillipa produced another excellent hot supper with extra tasty pancakes.
Sugar ‘n’ lemon and chocolate fillings too mmmmm…

On reflection, the size of the audience worked well for the informal style of the evening.
I do still get disappointed that more don't come.
Guess I'm easily disappointed?

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