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October 21, 2010

week fortytwo

Writing about web page

The Tour is full-on 23 day circus filled with spirit, passion, speed, endurance & magnificent scenery. One of the highlights of my 2010 summer holiday was the extreme buzz of catching up with the Tour for just a fleeting moment - it was hot and sunny that day too!

Tour 2010

Massive challenge to translate even a part of that experience into a film. Chasing Legends is a superb effort and *really* pleased that tonight I caught it in big wide screen splendour.

Film includes contributions and appearances from Tour legends through the ages, living legends and legends in the making. For me Voight's voice provides outstanding contribution, although as always he's among a field of tough competitors! :o)

From Tour 2010

December 20, 2006

Just me?

I couldn’t stop laughing at the climax of this one when I saw this on the big screen last weekend ;-)

December 18, 2006

Expecting more

Writing about web page

Movie image
4 out of 5 stars

It’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition, meeting with friends for a movie and few drinks.

Movie theme always towards fantasy/sci fi so 2006… Eragon

Saphira (the dragon) an impressive creation – special effects wise and the voice of Rachel Weisz.

Real quality cast involved but their characters never developed to any depth.

Probably why I was left with the feeling…

I was expecting more

Don’t think this was the tag line the director was planning to leave with me ;-)

Tough at top end of this type of stuff, with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to compare, so with this in mind I would say it was a good trip into fantasy land, but not a great one.

Few tasters below…

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