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January 31, 2008


Writing about web page

OK it’s scary but now find myself more addicted to FETCH than facebook * wibble *FETCH

Great for keeping in touch with my running buddies and the tools for logging, tracking and planning training and races etc. etc. are really neat :0

January distance (miles)
  • running = 69 (includes taking a week off for a niggling pain in leg)
  • cycling = 207

(might start logging swim distance next month too!?)

July 11, 2007

Shredded tyres

Writing about web page

Dodge mending bike punctures for 10 years – then 4 in a month – 3 of them this week!!!

Nice to know I never lost the knack but enough already!?

Seems if I’m to continue MTBing on seriously crap paths/roads getting to work I’m going to have to get seriously tough tyres…

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