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March 19, 2010

week ten

Writing about web page

Information professionals in higher education spend a considerable amount of time teaching information literacy, either through group sessions or more often one-to-one at the enquiry desk in libraries or learning resource centres. To be information literate is empowering, as it means students have the skills to seek out, appraise, evaluate and use information wisely while at university and beyond.

Interesting reading as I spend a considerable amount of time teaching sessions based on the slightly broader theme of digital literacy. Over past two years have also developed and continue to build on a series of online study skills tutorials created to support our large population of mostly part-time postgraduate and CPD students. It's a challenge that I'm actually quite enjoying and hopefully these online resources will improve digital literacy skills, empowering our students while at university and beyond.

March 08, 2010

week eight

Writing about web page

If you are not familiar with the series of videos created by Common Craft then IMHO you have missed something special. Love their quirky, direct, individual style & they have proved really useful for introducing students & staff to new tools and concepts. You have probably also missed the recent blog post "Erring on the side of happiness"

Of course, it's not just happiness. This is really a strategy to prevent its evil twin, unhappiness, from rearing its head. Unhappiness, in the context of a married couple's work together, is poison. Business success wouldn't matter if we stopped enjoying our life together.

So we've been very deliberate about how we run Common Craft. We don't have employees because we don't want an HR department. Instead, we've found a business model (video licensing) that scales without employees.  We don't have an office because we love being at home and have made it our best possible workspace. We can be very low-overhead, agile and lightweight with two people. We've never required outside investment, and I think we're better for it. Investors aren't likely to enjoy a return based on our happiness. We are happily independent.

As already mentioned, love their style :o)

February 10, 2010

week three

Holidays :o)

Space and time for getting on with stuff you love doing without work getting in the way...

even better when you gather together with a group of friends...

head for sunshine, top facilities and scenery too - perfect!



Couple of days in decided that although my lovely new mobile phone allows me to keep roaming Internet connection... (costly for brief time used!?) 

staying entirely offline for a few days gave me gentle reassurance...

result = NOT addicted! *phew*

Endnote: blame taking a holiday for this entry being totally out of synch ;-)

January 18, 2010

week two


Many varied journeys this week, some of these were a touch challenging but mostly fun!

Snowbike to work

Snow bikeColleagues seemed shocked to find my commute to work was still by bike (MTB) - seemed quite reasonable choice to me, although snow a bit challenging on bike handling skills, with extra physical effort required! Great advantage knowing the route really well, every dip/crack/pothole and alternative escape routes really well. Option of a few off-road sections allowed for some play time too :o)

Those most at risk appeared to be drivers of cars, vans, buses & trucks who were rather less able to rise to the handling challenges posed to their 4 wheels than my 2!?


BHX airport in snow...south to escape the winter freeze :o) ...tricky sections 1) negotiating frozen snowy pavement on way to bus stop 2) frozen runway walk to steps of plane ...too excited to worry or care :o)


TabayescoHill climbing on road bike... given distinct advanced impression by the experienced in our group that respect required... prior research 1) "virtual" climb of route on spin bike (!?) well the running commentary and projected slide show certainly added new twist to spin class :o) 2) course review on map showing terrain & wiggles in road!!

Total distance of ride for day = 83K

Tabayesco climb = 10K

Temperature = 27 degrees Centigrade

Decided not to go for glory speed/power run... that would have involved pain!  Put sensible hat on instead and heeded advice of those experienced at this climb and opted for steady effort with chance to admire the scenery, steep drop offs to side, cuttings through rock, wildlife (falcons) and not get too fussed about having to share the hairpins with an odd vehicle or two...

Time = 42 minutes

Leggies tired & tested but not burned... leave that for next time ;-)

January 11, 2010

week one

New Year = New Challenges

Occasional readers of this blog (if there are any out there!?) will be aware that any resolutions made here are around doing MORE stuff and embracing new challenges. 2010 will be no different...  already major changes lurking on the horizon... plenty of unknowns... knowns include a few (physical) challenges already booked in diary ;-)

Feel guilty of lurking in shadows of the blogosphere  ... plenty of private reflections... some stuff shared in "another place" with select small group... think time has come to practice more with stuff that I actively encourage staff and students to embrace... starting with some regular attempts at publicly blogging some of my random (hopefully occasionally less random) thoughts and experiences!

Now a daily blog would simply not be sustainable, as a big fan of sustainable models of practice :) this option is a non-starter! 2007, monthly blog reports, a year long experiment that has provided me with an interesting, personal log. Although uncertain of any value at the time I do find myself drawn back to some of this stuff... but really only for very personal musings... mostly reflecting on how much I left unsaid... it's not a style I would encourage or seek to reproduce for public record. My 2010 target therefore is to blog on a weekly basis with themes dictated by stuff that has made an impression or directly impacted on me during that week... anything could happen... and probably will...

So, how was week one?

UK Snow - January 2010

Snow :) love power of this image - UK covered in white blanket with turbulent cloudscape. Worth mentioning that we did NOT close for any days, actually carried on business as usual including students travelling to us from across the country to attend induction for new MSc programme. Felt my session, a whirl wind overview on learning technology theme, was positively received and prompted some useful discussion *yay*!

For high impact visuals check out these 2 videos, quite different in character and quality, but impressed by use of graphics and music in both. Enjoy :o)

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo. (Note: Best viewed on full screen HD on Vimeo)

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