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June 13, 2007

JISC: Innovating e–learning 2007

Writing about web page

My first online conference experience and I’m starting to feel that even if I logged in 24/7 I would struggle to keep up with all the postings from delegates!?

On the positive side – I’ve not been taken off site, I can dip in and out between meetings, phone calls etc. and have been able to share bits of the experience with colleagues along the way.

As part of my ‘reading week’ prep I signed up to secondlife (been tempted before but new excuse – thought it would help me follow the discussions around the secondlife showcase!) Didn’t feel that I could spare the block of time, or confident that I was quite prepared, for my newly created avatar to join the secondlife showcase session…

Hopefully come the end of the week (when I’ve caught up with the mass of stuff) I will be able to come back here and reflect on the whole experience.

November 22, 2006

Promoting the adoption of new stuff

Follow-up to Outside the bubble from Cath's Blog

common challenges that all institutions seem to be facing.

Enthusiasts in every institution are struggling with the frustration of engaging staff with the possibilities for enhancing the student learning experience through the use of new technologies.

That’s not to say that the advice is not available. Those keen to use new technologies for distributing content/information and planning and directing student activities will track it down.

But what about the others?

The e-learning enthusiasts are stepping up to the challenge by developing diverse communication plans to showcase projects and connect staff with the teams and individuals who are both willing and able to support and advise.

At institutional level the swing appears to be towards compulsory staff development pathways including e-tutoring skills and mentoring programmes.

October 23, 2006

Outside the bubble

Writing about web page

I’ve been at Warwick for just over 2 years now but have only very recently taken up my current post in the Medical School as Project Officer (e-learning & web development). I’ve nearly completed my WeLA but, keen to challenge myself further, sought support from my new line manager to escape the Warwick bubble and attend a couple of external ‘e-learning’ events.

So on Friday, 20 October, I attended the SSeLF (Supporting Sustainable e-Learning) Forum ‘Organisational Change, Culture & e-learning’ which posed the following question:

How do e-learning initiatives influence organisational strategy and change?

The SSeLF Forum delegates gathered came from a variety of UK institutions and had varied backgrounds/levels of experience. This suited the interactive small group work pattern of the day. (Yes we had to think!)
Groups within which I worked drifted from the task scripts but I felt this only served to increase the depth of information exchange and discussion.

I have written up some notes on the common challenges that all institutions seem to be facing. I will add them in here when I have more time to reflect but in brief…

The morning session, presented by Gilly Salmon, explored the stakeholders, the snorting, mooing and clapping occurring around the implementation of University of Leicester’s research-led e-learning strategy.

Why refer to snorting etc.? Well their novel approach to supporting staff has led to the creation of a Media Zoo where they invite staff to

Explore the relationship between technological creatures and your online educational world…

Engaging theme that is carried through on other projects IMPALA & ADELIE

After lunch Derek Morrison reflected on the pilot phase of the UK e-learning benchmarking exercise

What has been learned so far?
Can external initiatives like this influence organisational change?

One of the organisational changes ‘forced’ on the institutions signed up for the Pilot UK benchmarking exercise was the creation of their own benchmarking blogs.

Sitting in the Warwick bubble perception would be ‘no problem’ but it seems this proved quite a challenge for some of the Pilot 12. However they did all manage to step up their game and achieve this ‘organisational change’. (Links to other Pilot participants blogs can be found on the Warwick blog)

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