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September 24, 2008

Explanations in Plain English

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Bit of a fan of Commoncraft – simple fun explanations!

Anyone sharing my sense of humor will love the examples given here :o)

Top tip: Commoncraft videos make useful ice breakers for IT induction sessions too!?

April 23, 2008

University to implement Moodle by end of year

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So Louisiana State University are switching VLE; The Daily Reveille puts forward some interesting perspectives on the switch…

One user is quoted as describing the transition from Blackboard and Semester book to Moodle as

like switching from a Lexus to a stock car

another said…

it is like having your files dumped on the floor, and then you a have to reorganize them

whereas their ‘informational technology planning and communications officer’ says

Personally, I think of Moodle as a James Bond car – we just haven’t put in the leather interior and jet seats yet… but they are coming.


The faculty has to learn a new way of doing something – and everyone hates that… but I have confidence that two years from now, we will be comfortable with the new way of doing things.

The University decided the switch to Moodle was necessary because of financial reasons.

October 23, 2007

Postal service disruption has been useful…

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...forcing staff to consider alternative ways of communicating with students!

Upside – greater use of e-mail for course preparation correspondence and deeper appreciation of how ‘easy’ it is to direct students to e-resources.

Downside – having to ‘fix’ stuff for those who have tripped up by their haste to provide e-resources when they haven’t planned ahead…

IMHO upside beats downside PLUS the ‘trip ups’ will make useful case studies for the future :-)

June 19, 2007

Web 2.0 and Your Own Learning and Development

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About taking control of your own learning…

June 15, 2007

Attention crash

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We are reaching a point where the number of inputs we have as individuals is beginning to exceed what we are capable as humans of managing.

Spent many hours over the past week as a newbie online conference delegate. To give point of reference to the scale here I have read 500+ postings from other delegates and probably still have just as many more left to read…

In terms of the presentations themselves and the multimedia options available I have found it soothing to rest the eyes occasionally, sometimes actually closing them, to listen to the audio links.

It also suited me to have the option of listening to audio snippets when reading through papers. Nothing very technically elaborate just the option to listen to an audio file summary after a couple of paragraphs of text.

The closing session was presented as a powerpoint flash thing with audio synch. IMHO resting my eyes and just listening to the audio would have been just fine. Maybe it’s a very personal thing.

Anyway will be trying to include more audio options to compliment our current online content.

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