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December 01, 2011

Christmas gift ideas

Whispers.... minutes are ticking down for the year and we've reached December.... it must be nearly Christmas *boing* :) I can tell because the lovely family want me to produce a Christmas wish list... well they probably used the term "ideas for presents" but thought that was left wide open for creative interpretation ;-)

Bike lights

bike lights

Hump backpack cover

Humpback cover

Sealskinz socks


X Socks

X socks

Swim suit

Swim suit

Triathlon gear

ladies tri suit

iPhone 4S



Samsung Galaxy SII

Galaxy S2

Bike shoes

Bike shoes

A Life Without Limits

Chrissie Wellington

iPad 2

iPad 2

Muppet Christmas Carol night

Muppet Christmas Carol

Helmet Cam

Head cam

Weekend away with family

Nose clip

nose clip

Waterproofs for all weather


Single Malt



Wood burning stove

Wood burning stove

Winter wanderings around Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Keep

Lock laces

Lock laces

Pics to PC & SD

Pics to SD

Yummy foodie stuff from Kendalls


Snow Jacket

Snow jacket

Track pump

Track pump

Night out at comedy/music gig with friends

Run in snow with Coffee Shop crew followed by pub lunch warmed by open fire

open fireOpen fire

Trip with training buddies to Club La Santa

Digital SLR Camera

Digital SLR camera

MTB Tyres

MTB tyres

Spinster t-shirt

Spinster t-shirt

Eye wear

eye wear

Picture frames

photo frames

Night out at cinema with friends

Moleskine for my non-digital notes


Arm warmers

Arm warmers

Coffee morning with friends

It's a bit of a work in progess but I'm sure it will be fun updating it!

December 08, 2009

Magical stuff

Writing about web page

Sugar Plum Fairy

It's Christmas Eve, and preparations are underway for a splendid party, taking place at the Stahlbaums’ house. The mysterious magician Drosselmeyer entertains the guests and young Clara receives from him the gift of a beautiful wooden Nutcracker doll. She is instantly enchanted.

Ballet is really a bit off the beaten track for me... thanks to a very easy to enter Twitter competition we got a pair of tickets for Birmingham Royal Ballet performance of The Nutcracker...

Wow! magical night out, simply blown away by the music, set design, special effects and stunning performances all round.

Quality stuff, get yourself there!

King Rat

NutcrackerToy Story...

December 24, 2007

So this is Christmas eve…

Follow-up to Christmas e–games from Cath's Blog

Let it snow 6yay! :D

so now that I’m starting to feel the festive spirit I’d like to wish everyone an excellent Christmas and best wishes for a healthy, happy and fun new year.

time to journey down the snowy pathway to Neverland…


December 21, 2006

Christmas e–games

Follow-up to Distracting stuff from Cath's Blog

My #1 is still the Penguin & Yeti

Yeti and Penguin Game

For the sensitive types – those not into whacking a Penguin with a club – why not try making snowflakes?


December 18, 2006

Expecting more

Writing about web page

Movie image
4 out of 5 stars

It’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition, meeting with friends for a movie and few drinks.

Movie theme always towards fantasy/sci fi so 2006… Eragon

Saphira (the dragon) an impressive creation – special effects wise and the voice of Rachel Weisz.

Real quality cast involved but their characters never developed to any depth.

Probably why I was left with the feeling…

I was expecting more

Don’t think this was the tag line the director was planning to leave with me ;-)

Tough at top end of this type of stuff, with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to compare, so with this in mind I would say it was a good trip into fantasy land, but not a great one.

Few tasters below…

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