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July 31, 2007


Follow-up to June? from Cath's Blog

...July 2007


MTB has needed a bit of TLC to keep it going. Very sturdy build really as it has taken nearly 15 years before the original parts have crumbled. Mixed the biking with running and a bit of swimming. Pushed milage up to an 8 mile trip round the lanes last Sunday and hope to build on that over next month.
Meg seems as frustrated as me by the wet weather – dizzy from going round in small circles!?


Been back to the big screen to see Harry Potter and the Simpsons Movie. Very different but really enjoyed both!
Saturday night of Godiva festival provided an eclectic mix of musical entertainment – dropped into all 3 tents. Some bizarre people watching moments too…. ;-)
Current reading Richard Dawkins, God delusion book – really long time ago read the selfish gene – forgotten how much i appreciate his style.


Lush growth in the garden is keeping my green bin full. Starting to harvest my potato crop – tasty and satisfying to lift from soil to pan via a quick wash in the kitchen sink :)
Rearranged the furniture in the dining room which makes the place feel more open – was going to replace the table but not going to bother now.
Getting slightly fed up with finding parked cars obstructing my drive – why do people do this?


Brief visit to York – impressed with the feel of the place and the scale of the Minster. York rail station a real treat when you arrive via Birmingham New Street ;-)
Took the Animal up the M6 to Keele – impressive performance and light on the fuel too.

Food & Drink

Saxon Mill (Warwick) great place for a summers evening – downpours just add to the waterside experience! Also tucked into some tasty tapas at Wildes (Leamington).

June 30, 2007


Follow-up to Eeeekkk June already!? from Cath's Blog


Turns out the MTB copes pretty well through floods!? up to at least 15 miles a day: 5 days a week.
Made good times on 5k & 10k runs – need to up the mileage.
Bounced the odd crash dive and worked on kick outs.
Meg about as fickle as the weather – had a few good results though.


Did I mention that the insurance came through for the water leak damage and replaced my stereo equipment? New turntable too :) Sooooo attached to keeping vinyl collection… now waiting for the cash to come through so that I can start replacing the seriously damaged stuff. Ebay searching not going great – anyone recommend a good local haunt for vinyl hunting?


Dangerously close to looking tidy inside the house – just the box room left a bit crowded now.
Rain is keeping garden growing like mad – keep filling up both green wheelie bins and still can’t keep up!
Kitchen garden is looking promising – looking forward to harvesting some home grown stuff :)


Birmingham – ha ha – does that count? seem to have kept within 30 mile radius for a whole month – that can’t be right must try harder – way overdue for taking a real break!

Food & Drink

Drink: Bombay Sapphire gin (with lime & tonic)
VFM eatery: Strada, Leamington

June 01, 2007

Eeeekkk June already!?

Follow-up to April foolishness from Cath's Blog

Well May was that hectic – will just note just a few highlights here…


Early morning run on beach – coastal path from Ryde to Seaview and back – just couldn’t resist :)
Bounced at trampoline competition in Southampton and managed routine with 3 somersaults in without crashing!!


Coldcut & Jools Holland – Warwick Arts Centre.
The Pirates – Cathedral Ruins, Coventry Jazz Festival.


Finally got out sledgehammer and sorted new garden fence. Then spent probably twice as long again painting both it and the garden shed!
Cleared out a whole load more old tat – serious therapy ;-)


Rolled out the Southampton trampoline trip to include visit to old school friend in Fareham and a hop over to the Isle of Wight. Get unbelievable feeling of wellbeing spending time by coast and on water.

Food & Drink

Visited fabulous Italian restaurant in Ryde. (Got the business card somewhere so will add link here at some point…)

April 30, 2007

April foolishness

Follow-up to ..into BST from Cath's Blog


Took the weight off my shoulders and invested in a rack & bags for the bike. My back is very grateful – just need to get used to the shift in weight balance.
Finally joined Northbrook AC which means now running out with a group at least once a week, a great improvement on solo sessions. Now looking at entering some of the upcoming local events – 5 mile, 10K, 10(0) mile…
Megan is wildly fit and well. Been out jumping and off road quite a lot. Even chilled out with a bit of flat work (dressage) with Meg this isn’t as dull a it sounds!

Biffy Clyro gig was a real last minute whim, good solid stuff.
Absolute highlight of the year so far… The Levellers :D
Real blast from my past, must be 15+ years since last saw these guys play live, whole experience flooded back memories…

Note for my special GT: yep hippy gear & boots too :D

Bit of clearing and landscaping in the garden. Pulled down old broken fence – thankfully neighbours don’t seem bothered that haven’t got around to putting anything new in it’s place yet.


Well started the month still in Dublin… haven’t been out the country again yet…

Food & Drink

Strada in Leam worth another visit – friendly staff make the difference.

March 31, 2007

..into BST

Follow-up to 28 days later… from Cath's Blog


Was right to worry about the self inflicted damage at the end of last month :( the bruising was severe and that combined with a nasty secondary infection left me with a painfully swollen leg and on cocktail of antibiotics and painkillers – yuk!? Not able to run or ride for about 10 days – very very fustrated!!! However, being a very impatient patient, only had a few days off the bike and kept up the bouncing ;-)
Have swung back into run/ride action over past 2 weeks and made the most of the days of better weather :)


Ghostrider on the big screen – good comic book action fun – laughs plus a dark side.
Finished reading Bill Bryson – Thunderbolt Kid.


Transformed by the installation of double glazing (finally got it done!) such a transformation – draughts and dodgy old woodwork gone and so quiet :-)
Also splashed out (£29) on secure wi-fi – still enjoying the novelty!
Garden has had a little TLC but the high winds took out a few fence panels (and a bit of guttering) so next big projects…


Well I’m currently in Dublin City (on sports tour!? – ISTO) have already had breakfast in Temple Bar and visited book of Kells @ TCD.
...might filll in details on my return ;-)
Edit: Guinness tour at Storehouse – such a transformation from my last visit!? loads of shiny new features in steel & glass structure – gone the dusty old floorboards – trip now ends with a panoramic view of the city and a whole pint free (actually I managed 2 ;-) last visit it was a dim lit bar and just a glass! Most of Dublin seems to have been face lifted since my UCD student days – serious difference north of the river where a towering shiny spike now marks O’Connell Street. 3 late nights spent in various clubs :) – highlight of which was being asked to prove my age (the look on the doormans face when he looked at my card was hysterical – he was momentarily struck dumb then started to apologise!! ha ha)
As an aside ISTO excellent fun and the squad came back with a handful of medals – well done guys!

Food & Drink

Less exercise so less food!! Still been out for some good pub grub. Clarendon Arms in Kenilworth is pretty good at the moment – will make up stuff on request as long as they have the ingredients :)
Other venues have been OK ish but not really worth a mention.

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