April 23, 2008

University to implement Moodle by end of year

Writing about web page http://media.www.lsureveille.com/media/storage/paper868/news/2008/04/22/News/University.To.Implement.Moodle.By.End.Of.Year-3340227.shtml

So Louisiana State University are switching VLE; The Daily Reveille puts forward some interesting perspectives on the switch…

One user is quoted as describing the transition from Blackboard and Semester book to Moodle as

like switching from a Lexus to a stock car

another said…

it is like having your files dumped on the floor, and then you a have to reorganize them

whereas their ‘informational technology planning and communications officer’ says

Personally, I think of Moodle as a James Bond car – we just haven’t put in the leather interior and jet seats yet… but they are coming.


The faculty has to learn a new way of doing something – and everyone hates that… but I have confidence that two years from now, we will be comfortable with the new way of doing things.

The University decided the switch to Moodle was necessary because of financial reasons.

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  1. James Bateman

    I think moodle is simply brilliant. I’ve used it as a basis for at least 2 medical projects:

    We’ve based a lot of content on another site I run http://www.medicaleducator.co.uk : this is a great example of how you can use bits of things on the web to excellent effect.

    Moodle is the classic example of someone doing something better for free. Be it Mozilla Firefox or anything else that just comes along and blows away the competition, blackboard will hopefully be superseded by something that is effective, free and usable.

    How much would it cost me to set up an independent student education site for a research study like the medical tutor one above on blackboard? Answers on a postcard. Moodle can do it all. For nothing.

    Re: the comments above Moodle is the Ferrari, and the competition is the old 1970 Rolls Royce that used to look quite nice but costs £6000 for new brake disks and your 21 year old sister is not allowed to use it “in case she breaks it”. Martin Dougiamas (Moodle’s founder) is my hero .

    If anyone wants any feedback on what moodle is like to install and use for a bit of a technophobe, please see my blog or email me at james.bateman@warwick.ac.uk.

    16 Oct 2008, 21:34

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