April 14, 2008

The negative split

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Just being a part of the biggest road race in the world is an experience… this was my 4th with a dream plan of ‘good for age’ time (3hr 45mins) however the sheer congestion on route meant that after a ridiculously steady start settled for soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying it!! Best I’ve ever felt on route and although mile 25 was a touch painful the sight of Big Ben with the promise of The Mall (finish) just kept the ‘put one foot in front of the other’ mantra going.

Flora London Marathon 2008 Results#

Marathon kit frontRunner No: 14195

5 km 0:29:07
10 km 0:56:49
15 km 1:24:37
20 km 1:51:54
half 1:58:00
25 km 2:19:38
30 km 2:47:39
35 km 3:15:22
40 km 3:42:48
finish 3:54:22

Position (overall) 9758
Position (gender) 1437
Position (age group) 297
Finish time 3:54:22

Still within 2 minutes of PB :) and kept company with fellow Northbrookie/Fetchie ‘Phal’ (running her 1st FLM) for all 26.2 miles :D

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  1. On paper looks a very well-run race, nice consistent times. Well done! :)

    14 Apr 2008, 12:55

  2. Catherine Fenn

    Thanks Luke :) did you and/or your Dad go for it this year?

    14 Apr 2008, 16:06

  3. Katharine Widdows

    Well done Cath!
    I’m going for the Great North in October, and that seems quite scary enough!


    14 Apr 2008, 16:49

  4. Jenny Delasalle

    Hey well done, that’s a good time. I was thinking of you on the day!

    16 Apr 2008, 17:28

  5. Catherine Fenn

    Thanks for the support :)

    K: good luck with the great north – keep me posted!

    Jen: do you like what i did to your old club shirt!?

    16 Apr 2008, 17:41

  6. Dad missed the ballot (again) so he’s got a guaranteed place next year. In any case he wouldn’t have run, as he got injured in a fall around January and never got gong. :(

    Now he’s trying to get me to do it again!

    19 Apr 2008, 21:11

  7. Michael Jones

    I’ve missed the ballot twice, only as I’m abroad this year and didn’t apply that’ll be set back to zero so I’ll probably be about 30 by the time I get a place! Will definitely do it sometime though, but I’m likely to be nearer six hours.

    20 Apr 2008, 01:14

  8. Catherine Fenn

    hey Luke hope your dads feeling better and of course you should do it again :D

    Michael with the new online entry system anything could happen!? and it’s grand just to be there at the finish whatever the time :)

    20 Apr 2008, 22:32

  9. I would do it, but their payment server is a pile of junk, so I can’t even enter the ballot. :(

    21 Apr 2008, 09:55

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