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January 29, 2007

Off–road on 4 hooves

Wild, wet weather has kept Megan stabled almost 24/7 since Christmas :(Megan

Farm at least fetlock deep in mud/water = no turn out in paddocks & no speeding over the fields!!

Weekday exercise (0600hrs – 0700hrs) is currently in darkness on the all-weather surface – which can get kinda dull…

So yesterday, on a fine sunny Sunday morning, I headed for the local off-road track (bridle path). Have to hack out a few miles on the lanes to reach it but on a Sunday morning they are fairly quiet, more runners/cyclists/walkers than vehicles.

The track in question is sort of ‘Y’ shaped and multi-terrain. The base is fairly firm so standing water and mud are just added fun rather than serious hazards!

Plan was to head for one of the far short arms of the ‘Y’ track, weave through to the other short arm and then take a burn up towards home down the long stretch.

Found myself thwarted a little by fallen trees (too big to jump) from the recent storms :( (see below) but for the big kid me this just added to the adventure!! :P

Negotiated my way through what I could, taking Megan through as many gears as possible. Ended up thoroughly wet & muddy – fantastic buzz for both of us!!! :D

To stop being a big kid (just for a bit) I did get to thinking:
This track is the only totally off-road bridle path that I can hack to. My horseback explorations found that an entire arm of the ‘Y’ has been cut off by large trees down at either end and elsewhere I couldn’t pass under partial falls due to the lack of head height.

  1. Must get in touch with the Council and get this sorted (will blog back here on progress)
  2. As with many bridle paths, this track is used by MTBs too. (not ideal but a fact) Whilst up on 4 hooves I’m more than happy to find a few fallen obstacles to jump ;-), but on my MTB I would come unstuck. Also, partial tree falls can be ducked under on MTB, but up 16 2hh on a horse they become a serious hazzard!? :(

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