October 21, 2004

Practice rooms!

Follow-up to Team D– Meeting 2 from Christine's blog

Here is the email I got off sharon:

Dear Christine

You can book use C521 when it isn't in use, see Christina she will show you where the book is. There is a projector in there, I think Colin Nimmo Room C519 has a cable for it.

Hope this helps.


Sharon Pearson
Admissions and Undergraduate Administrator
Department of Chemistry
Warwick University

Will talk at next meeting about when we want to do the practice so I can go book the room. Hope this is ok!

Team D– Meeting 2

Basically we looked at all the information we each had and decided on areas each of us would research more on.

– Market and uses= Rachel,

– acetic acid from methanol by carbonylation= Leanne,

– acetic acid from ethylene via acetaldehyde= Matt,

– from butane by liquid-phase oxidation = Chris,

– from naptha by LPO =Tom.

In each of the four main technologies we will research the factors as outlined in the booklet ie raw materials and by-products etc.

Tom has sent an email to BP to find out anymore information that might help with estimation of capital costs and also the market for acetic acid. Tom also pointed out naptha is also known as wood alcohol.

All information should be found by the next meeting so we can try and collate all research and begin writing the report.

The next meeting is tuesday 26th at 3.00pm in cafe library which will give us the weekend to get researching.

Would like to have a run through of the presentation, Chris to email and find out about rooms we can practice in.

lets get researching dudes!

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