November 01, 2008

Human Resource Management Lesson 6 Exercise


There is not a clear definition about what learning organization is, but there are two underlying ideas: responding to the change and a way of being more competitive. LO model is not very developed in most organizations as stated by Keep and Railbird (2000).

Looking at INSA that is an affiliate of IBM in Spain for IT services, does it conforms with the LO model?

This company was created around 10 years ago to provide flexibility in the workforce and lower cost to IBM. On one hand this company has a cost reduction business strategy, INSA do not pursue most the goals of learning organization model. INSA operates in a very volatile market, with continuous changes and variations in technology and change in the client demands, for that reason the education is a way of achieving competitiveness. INSA is an organization that invest in education but does not conforms with a LO organization as defined by Rowden (2001) “a model of strategic change in which everyone is engaged in identifying and solving problems so that the organisation is continuously changing, experimenting and improving, thus increasing its capacity to grow and achieve its purpose.”


To transform INSA in a LO organization I would say that the following changes are needed:

  • Change in the strategic view of learning; see Learning by management and employees as the purpose of the organization.

  • Agreement within the organization about what to learn. Consensus with the employees.

  • Mechanism to integrate the knowledge of the workers

  • Personal Development plans for employees

  • Communicate and ensure understanding of the organization view of employees.


I tend to think that based on cost reduction business strategy they changes are not very feasible and taking into account that the company is running well with the current practice I would not recommend to implement the changes.


  • Study notes. Warwick University. Human Resource Management.

  • Marchington, M. and Wilkinson, A. (2005) Human Resource Management at Work (3rd edn). London: CIPD

  • Torrington D. Hall L. Teylor S. (2002) Human Resource Management London Prentice Hall

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