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July 10, 2006


It seems FIFA decided on the Golden Boot award before last night's final…

July 07, 2006

More dodgy World Cup refereeing!

How precisely does this...


...turn into this?


The BBC explains:

Podolski won the prize because Fifa had the final say, chosen by a 14–man panel.

Were they all German?

I've already said that I thought Podolski or Messi should have won, but clearly public opinion accounted for just about bugger all in this poll. Not to mention the fact that there clearly was one English player nominated (in fact, somewhat implausibly, Scott Carson and Theo Walcott were on the list).

July 05, 2006

Vote Valencia, Take Revenge on Ronaldo!

Writing about web page

You have to click on the link above and vote for Ecuador's Luis Valencia as the best young player of the World Cup.

Why? Because if you don't, the snivelling little twerp Cristiano Ronaldo will win it! And a vote for Ronaldo is a vote for all cheating, pouting little twerps.

So vote for Valencia!

June 27, 2006

Fantasy Football: A Dilemma

Are fantasy football games ruining the World Cup?

You're desperate for Ronaldinho and Kaka to score a hat–trick so you get silly points in your fantasy football team. But at the same time you really want to see Ghana bring about the biggest upset in the history of the World Cup.

You end up not being able to enjoy watching the World Cup. And when you don't do very well (I'm currently 6th in the RaW league), it makes it even more pointless.

But to abandon the fantasy football would leave you lumbering at the bottom of the league, gaining the sort of derision that only Westbrook really deserves.

It's an unwinnable puzzle, unless I just pick the entire England team for the Portugal team, where I can cheer even more vigourously… as they go out 3–1 in extra time. Damn…

June 17, 2006

Bruce Arena: Legend

Bruce Arena. What a man.

  1. He looks like an ice hockey coach
  2. What a name. Arena…
  3. He's clearly never played a day's football in his life.

Bruce Arena: I salute you

June 11, 2006

Ah the Yanks and their 'soccer'!

You gotta love those damn Americans. From the New York Times (about yesterday's game):

A terrible game, really. Beckham clearly the man of the match, but few others did anything of note.

Beckham the best player in the game? He wasn't even the best player on England's right flank!

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