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June 14, 2006

Final Fling Balls–Up

So you do have to go and pick up your Final Fling tickets from Advance before tonight?

Cos that's not what it says on the Union Portal when you click on the Final Fling link.

Sounds like there's been a big cock–up in Union North, not to mention the stupid idea that we get given a specific bus we have to get on (regardless of which bus our mates are getting on or when we were planning to arrive on campus).

And anyone know whether the buses come back to Leamington afterwards???

Why do I suspect more effort went into the Sugababes rider than into putting on a stress–free night for students?

May 31, 2006

Student Union support for AUT could have interesting consequences.

An interesting thought's just occurred to me while I prepare tomorrow's RaW News: Insight on the lecturers' strike.

The AUT are calling for the income from top–up fees to be spent on student facilities, and not on non–academic capital projects, which they see as non–essential. Every increase in offer that's made to the AUT means fewer of these projects can go ahead.

The Students Union is supporting this stand.

But what is the biggest capital project on the University's financial horizon that could expect to be hit by this decrease in funding?

That's right, the Union South Rebuild. I wonder if this has occurred to the Union yet???

January 30, 2006


I'm sat at the Hustings meeting for the Union elections.

And oh god it's boring…

There's the usual array of idiot candidates, combined with the fact that we're essentially sat in a corridor. And we can't hear them because the sound is rubbish.

And why are there only four less-than-visible Sabbs here?

Questions, questions, but I'm not getting any good answers.

December 27, 2005

Union breaks its own rules….again!

The Union looks set to break another of its policies, as according to its website:

"between 5–7pm each night you can take them [meals] back up to Cholo, and watch Neighbours, Simpsons and Hollyoaks on the big screen"

Hmm…. no more RaW and WTV then? Seems odd considering:

"Believes 7.Promoting student talent is more important than being able to watch Neighbours or QVC."
"Resolves 2.To play RaW around Cholo during the hours of 9am 7pm each day, unless there are special circumstances, e.g. an event starting earlier than said time, except for at least one hour per day which will be for the use of WTV."

[in policy 541]

An explanation needed, I think.

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