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April 28, 2007

Elections are Rubbish

Is the biggest talking point of this week’s local elections (in England, at least) rubbish? The newspapers, at least, are fuming about fortnightly collections and snooping wheelie-bins. Believe the hype, and it alone could bring down many Councils.

In some European countries, bins are collected daily or every other day. So why are we going in the opposite direction?

Because a) it’s environmentally friendlier and b) we don’t (yet) have temperatures that make festering rubbish such a problem.

Oh, and c) it’s cheaper. Local councils have been squeezed and squeezed for well over twenty years, and the only thing they can do is cut services or put up council tax.

Put the typical Daily Mail reader in a local council and ask them what they’d do. Given the limitations on how councils can spend their money, is there actually anything they could do better? Independent councillors and UKIP say they’d increase rubbish collections. They are in the lucky(!) position of not having to carry out their promise.

Grumpy Joe Public hate only a few things more than fortnightly rubbish collections: higher council tax is definitely one of them. What they forget to realise is you have to have one or the other.

But once tabloid newspapers find a bandwagon, common sense becomes irrelevant.

October 17, 2006

When Refuse Collection Turns Ugly

Writing about web page

The story I’ve linked to tells the tale of a man taken to court and fined £200 because he “contaminated” a recycling bag specifically for bottles and cans with a single piece of junk mail.

Refuse collection has turned nasty.

A similar thing happened to me last year, when I received a curt letter from the Council informing me that my bin bag had found its way on to the pavement and was causing an obstruction.

Clearly I hadn’t put it there, but the mob of Leamington Spa had decided to move it. I was told that if it happened again I would be taken to court.

Which is nice of them.

What’s particularly sad is that they only knew it was my bin bag because they specifically went through it to look for incriminating evidence. Sure enough there was a letter addressed to our flat.


It’s good to know that our council tax goes towards paying for little Hitlers to go around opening rubbish for evidence of crimes which they can then take you to court for.

I’m sure the cost of doing so is considerably more than the £200 that they raised from the gentleman above and innocent people of his ilk.


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