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July 02, 2007

Anything you can do…

David Cameron plays poker with his cabinetI see your Sir John Stevens and raise you Dame Pauline Neville-Jones!

[EDIT] That cheeky Nick Robinson has used the same title for his blog. Great minds…

[EDIT 2] Ooh… he’s lucky. He posted one whole minute before me.

May 05, 2006

Cabinet Reshuffle

The cabinet reshuffle which is under way looks set to be far more sweeping than many would have guessed.

The number of people going into Number 10 to hear news of a job has been very high, and includes a few surprises: Lord Falconer, Jack Straw, Geoff Hoon…

Iain Dale has made a few predictions which sound about right. I've already said that David Miliband will probably get Education, but beyond that it seems quite open.

Unfortunately Hazel "the smirk" Blears (who I can't stand) has just gone into Number 10. I hope she gets offered something really insignificant.

EDIT (10:29): Gordon Brown looks to be the only sacred cow in the Cabinet. There's now going to be two Foreign Secretaries (one for Europe, one for the rest). Jack Straw is out of a job. Charles Clarke has definately gone. Ruth Kelly is almost certainly moving. John Prescott's been sat in Downing Street for over three hours (maybe a sit–in protest against his sacking?)

EDIT (10:32): Charles Clarke has been completely sacked, and is going to the back–benches. It's clear who Blair's scapegoat is.

EDIT (10.44): Fantastic news: Margaret Beckett is the new Foreign Secretary. A complete shock, but very well deserved. Her role in trying to get agreement on climate change in 2005 was fundamental, and she seems to be a very good minister. It was speculated she might be moving on from the Cabinet, but to give her such a prominent role is a stroke of genius. Also, John Reid is apparently the new Home Secretary. Not such a good move, in my opinion.

EDIT (10.54): No sign of Patricia Hewitt yet – I think my previous prediction that she'd be safe might be correct. Ruth Kelly still seems to be in No 10 (or has gone out the back–door). Speculation that Alan Johnson might get her job, I still favour Miliband, although he's in the middle of a policy review where he is at the moment. Sky saying Ruth Kelly might get Margaret Beckett's old job at Environment.

EDIT (11.00): Loads of jobs being announced now:

  • Des Browne (Defence Secretary)
  • Hazel Blears (Party Chair)
  • Alan Johnson (Education Secretary)
  • Jacqui Smith (Chief Whip)
  • Alistair Darling (Trade and Industry)
  • Jack Straw (Leader of the Commons)

EDIT (12.15): Reports that David Miliband has the poisoned chalice of rural affairs to deal with (not sure what he did to deserve that), while Ruth Kelly is moving to John Prescott's old department and Douglas Alexander is getting Transport.

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