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June 27, 2006

Putting Lads' Mags on the Top Shelf?

A few points:

Aren't the people campaigning for so-called lads mags to be moved to the top shelf the same people who would be the first to protest that supermarket shelves were too high for short people to reach? Slightly oxymoronic.

Shouldn't some sympathy be given to short men whose only exposure to naked women is in such magazines or on the internet?

Aren't we used to seeing the nudity common on the front of Nuts and Loaded in television programmes across the schedule (Charlie Dimmock, anyone?)

I think this top–shelf argument is only being knocked about because campaigners dislike the fact that publishers make money from the magazines. You don't hear them complain so loudly about less blatantly capitalist forms of mild nudity.

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