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March 10, 2007

Image Rights and Wrongs

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills This has to be the most bizarre advert I’ve ever seen online. Presumably neither of them has given permission for this, which makes it all the more odd as it appears on a well-respected U.S. website.

The advert links to a UK-based consumer website, which is of no relevance to either Paul McCartney or Heather Mills – it’s just attention-grabbing. I hope they have good lawyers.

P.S. The word ‘abuse’ flashes in the advert, just for effect.

February 21, 2007

Heather Mills – Saint or Sinner

It’s becoming increasingly hard to know whether Heather Mills (formerly Mills-McCartney) is a psychotic witch – as some newspapers portray her – or a hard-done-by model who’s the victim of her ex-husband’s PR agents.

This afternoon it’s been revealed she’ll be a contestant on the U.S. version of Strictly Come Dancing. Presumably she’ll complain that she’s been given little choice because of her financial woes, but it’ll probably leave many people aghast at her willingness to do anything to stay famous.

Remember that Ms Mills only has one leg. It’s not quite like she’s making an appearance on a cookery programme. You have to hand it to the producers of this show (the BBC, ironically).

I’ve always thought she was probably the innocent party in this spat. Naive rather than vindictive. But when she goes and does something stupid like this, even if it is for the money, I can’t help thinking she’s just a bit mad. Surely if she’s had serious death threats and constantly fears for her safety, wouldn’t it be better to lie low?

Or, heaven forbid, she could go and get a real job.


Update: Ha ha ha, it gets better. The producers of the show describe her thus:

HEATHER MILLS – United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, activist for Adopt-A-Minefield and advocate for animal rights, Heather Mills will be the first contestant to compete with an artificial limb. She will be partnered with JONATHAN ROBERTS who returns for his third season.

Do you think they intend to tell the U.S. audience who she really is? Or is there something in her contract saying “Don’t mention the husband!”?

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