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July 01, 2006

An Interesting Job Opportunity…

Long, long ago in the early days of Warwick Blogs, I wrote an entry which was ever–so–slightly critical of the Careers Service of Warwick. I got some interesting responses, and on leaving Warwick thought "ah, maybe they weren't so bad".

That was until I flicked through the jobs section in the Guardian. My eye is always caught by an advert with University of Warwick in it…

Business Development Manager - Careers Service

Hmm… why would the careers service have a business to manage???

You will manage our employer liaison team, building strong relationships with recruiters and improving communication links with academics within the University.

So far so good. But then…

You will secure external income through the marketing and development of priced services to enable the Careers Service to extend the quality of activities that enrich the employability of our students.

Just as I always suspected. Warwick's only interested in inviting 'attractive' and presumably 'wealthy' employers to its careers events. No wonder you don't see small companies at the main careers fair (only at some off–shoot where no–doubt the prices for businesses are lower, along with publicity).

I'll put the same point I made a couple of years ago: why does Warwick need to charge employers to get in touch with students? Surely the more the merrier?

I know for a fact that at least one employer has shirked Warwick because it couldn't afford its 'rates'. That's a potential job that Warwick students won't know about because the Uni's too obsessed with charging people to come onto campus. I'm surprised Gibbet Hill Road doesn't operate a toll–system!

But why the hell should employers be charged? Yes, for sure, KPMG, Deloitte et al. can afford to pay the fees that Warwick clearly charges (you can't deny it now – it's in the Guardian!).

Isn't it in students' interests that they have as many employment opportunities as possible? Surely it must be clear that the big companies don't have enough jobs between them to satisfy the needs of all students at Warwick (in terms of number of jobs available as well as preferences of profession too).

Yet again, Warwick seems to put raising money above the prospects of its current students.

(I'd be very interested to know how much the Careers Service brings in through this method, and see what it translates to in terms of expenditure on campus.)

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