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May 12, 2007

My parents will be so pleased they let me borrow their sat nav…

Writing about web page

It clearly works so well in Wales… This ditzy student followed her GPS system to the letter and ended up getting her car smashed to bits by a train.

Obviously this was the fault of the GPS system, and not the girl who obeyed everything it said.

How easy would it be to add a road to the GPS database that goes over the cliffs of Dover?

April 03, 2006

Possibly the most stupid idea I've heard for a while…

So the AA Trust are calling for curfews and passenger-limits for young drivers (i.e. 17–21).

I wonder if they've thought this one through…

Imagine a typical night out, possibly involving a drive into town, or even to another town. Public transport's a definite no-no, and you're not going to even bother asking your Mum to give you a lift to a club.

If the government listen to these imbeciles at the AA, then the following will happen:

  • people will ignore the curfew (which is of course daft anyway)
  • cars will only have three people in, rather than five
  • this means more pollution
  • this also means more young drivers on the road
  • this also makes it more likely that someone will drink-drive
  • this means more young deaths on the road.

Really guys, ignoring the civil liberties aspect (how the hell else are young people supposed to get out?), did you really think this one through?

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