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May 11, 2007

Worth sharing

In my last blog entry, I pondered whether Britain really is the best nation in the world. But then I saw this, and remembered: “Who cares? We’ve got the best sarcasm in the UNIVERSE!!! And that’s all that really matters.”

February 06, 2007

Charlie Brooker is so right, it hurts

You’ll have seen the adverts. Mitchell and Webb play a PC and a Mac. The PC is a dull geek while the Mac is a cool kid.

Except the whole advert is founded on ten tonnes of utter bollocks, as Charlie Brooker brilliantly explained in yesterday’s Guardian.

Aside from crowing about sartorial differences, the adverts also make a big deal about PCs being associated with “work stuff” (Boo! Offices! Boo!), as opposed to Macs, which are apparently better at “fun stuff”. How insecure is that? And how inaccurate? Better at “fun stuff”, my arse. The only way to have fun with a Mac is to poke its insufferable owner in the eye. For proof, stroll into any decent games shop and cast your eye over the exhaustive range of cutting-edge computer games available exclusively for the PC, then compare that with the sort of rubbish you get on the Mac.

I get fed up with my PC crashing, just like everyone else does. But it’s so true that Macs are still niche products capable of ‘professional’ things, while PCs are multi-purpose and can do most things just as well as a Mac.

Having said that, I’ve no intention of ruining my relative calm by installing Windows Vista, which sounds like a bloody nightmare.

P.S. If anyone can find anything in the canon of Charlie Brooker’s work which they disagree with, please do let me know.

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