March 06, 2007

Who's leaking in the Cash for Honours debacle?

So the cards are on the table. Ruth Turner, the Head of Government Relations at 10 Downing Street sent an e-mail to her boss, Jonathan Powell, saying Lord Levy was telling porkies to the police.

But here’s the interesting bit…

The BBC has not seen the document containing her concerns but has been told about it by more than one source.

For the Beeb to fight so hard for a story – about a document they haven’t seen – their sources must be damned good. And I reckon they must have got their information from at least one of these two people: Ruth Turner and Jonathan Powell.

It sounds like there’s a lot of nervousness in Downing Street. And they seem to have chosen Lord Levy as the scapegoat. Levy himself has been fighting back – “friends” of Levy have told newspapers how the story is nonsense. Except Levy has no friends. It’s an open secret he’s the “friend” making the calls.

So if you see someone from the government complaining about leaks, ignore them. They’re the ones making holes in the bucket.

P.S. It seems I broke part of the story on this one – you would have read it here first the e-mail was to do with Ruth Turner. It might – technically – have been pushing the boundaries of the injunction issued on Friday, but my guesswork was right.

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  1. Did anyone else see Lord Levy’s Rabbi on Newsnight trying to claim anti-semitic motives by pretty much everyone involved in the affair? I hadn’t realised his situation was quite that desperate yet.

    07 Mar 2007, 00:32

  2. Leaking and governments…. hmmm

    “That’s another of those irregular verbs, isn’t it?” said Bernard.
    “I give confidential briefings,
    you leak,
    he is being prosecuted under section 2a of the official secrets act.”

    07 Mar 2007, 09:57

  3. Philip

    I have just been reading an article in the mail on Sunday 25th March, Lord Cashpoint,the Bogus Count and his porn star wife.
    The basis of the story seems to be that this young beautiful girl called Courtney Coventry is entertained at a Labours Fundraising event and is entertained by Tony Blair and high up member of the cabinet.
    The Newspaper claims that she,Courtney Coventry, is pretending to be a Countess and is infact a Porn Star,but that Lord Levy and “his Friends” are quite happy and will do anything and meet with anyone for their large donations.
    Looking at this with some more care and a little insite into these matters, I am a retired Journalist,several things become quite clear. Lord Levy was NOT under the impression that either Courtney or her Husband had a title. The Labour party addressed them as “MR and “MRS” and not as the paper suggests “Count and Countess”. Going on from this point the Paper calls Courtney a “Porn Star”, upon checking this so called “Porn Movie”,I found that there is no porn at all in this Movie Dirt Merchant and my further extensive checks can find no trace of any Porn movie that Courtney was in.
    Turning to Courtney’s Husband ,John. The paper says that John Coventry says he has his name upon a plaque in the city of Liverpool,the paper says he never had his name upon a plaque in the City of Liverpool. Well after a great deal of checking..Sure enough there IS a plaque and his name is clearly upon it !!
    There is a comment in the story about a so called Bodyguard Company which so the story goes looked after the Coventry”s , when they had a kidnap threat! Souces tell me that they,the Coventry”s NEVER employed this Company and NEVER had Security guards at any point. Security experts do know of this Company,but would not recommend them !
    So,I worry when a National Newspaper makes such comments that on the face of it are untrue and not hard to check!, The only conlusion that I can come to is that the paper was after the best headline and story regardless of the facts. So, Courtney Coventry is NOT a “Porn Star”,There IS a plaque relating to John Coventry in the City of Liverpool and from two witness’s and sources the Labour Party was unaware of this title “Count”.
    Now, there is another side to this story and I think much remains untold,this stinks of “Cash for honours”! It could well be that this, clearly very beautiful young girl, was not only entertained by Lord Levy,who was determined to try and get a high level donation from her or her husband,why else the attention..invitations to the House of Lords,off to Downing Street and more, but that much,much more was talked about ! One can not help feeling that Courtney Coventry came to England to set the record clear on “cash for honours”,she made some bad choices .
    What is Interesting is that looking at the public comments on the NewsPaper, on related sites, and on the internet blogs,there is undoubted support for her, frankly people are believing her and NOT Lord levy,they want to know more and see more of Courtney!!. The Men are falling in Love with her and the women admire her guts !!! So my advice for Courtney is go to the police as I suspect you are,tell them the true story or tell us!!
    and on another note ,I read with pleasure that you are going to give a Police statement in the next few weeks,thats they way to go!!

    31 Mar 2007, 20:19

  4. Mary Greenwood

    So,now with the “cash for honours” file going to the CPS,there looks like someone may be charged at long last !
    Has the presence of the stunning”Countess Courtney Coventry” brought down the pack of cards ?
    We can’t wait to hear !

    21 Apr 2007, 16:34

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