December 27, 2005

Union breaks its own rules….again!

The Union looks set to break another of its policies, as according to its website:

"between 5–7pm each night you can take them [meals] back up to Cholo, and watch Neighbours, Simpsons and Hollyoaks on the big screen"

Hmm…. no more RaW and WTV then? Seems odd considering:

"Believes 7.Promoting student talent is more important than being able to watch Neighbours or QVC."
"Resolves 2.To play RaW around Cholo during the hours of 9am 7pm each day, unless there are special circumstances, e.g. an event starting earlier than said time, except for at least one hour per day which will be for the use of WTV."

[in policy 541]

An explanation needed, I think.

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  1. If I recall correctly, according to the policy, someone (Exec.?) has, at their discretion, the ability to waive the requirements of the policy. Quite why anyone would think it necessary for Neighbours and Hollyoaks is beyond me though.

    27 Dec 2005, 11:12

  2. You are right:
    "4.The Commercial Services Group will have power to override this policy for operational reasons only."

    But this is not an operational reason. It's a reason directly in breach of the spirit and wording of this policy.
    If the best the union's commercial arm can come up with to get people in the door is watching neighbours then the future is a worry. It's more of a worry that RaW weren't told directly. With a membership which is over which is up by nearly 20% in a year soc fed memberships are down (atleast at the start of term) when will the union lend support to helping attract more listeners rather than just taking the benifits, ie. David Davis coverage.

    28 Dec 2005, 22:08

  3. As I understand it, interpretations of that policy can tend towards what might charitably be described as the elastic. Have you tried asking Nick Seagrave about this?

    28 Dec 2005, 22:35

  4. Colin, it seems that the commercial side of the Union has more resources than its communications side! As with the Boar being censored at Union Council, the Union has failed to tell the society most affected by a change in policy in advance. Similarly, were all of the downsides of Warwick Sport explained to sports clubs in advance? No.

    This is particularly annoying as getting RaW on in Cholo has been an uphill struggle – even in spite of Policy 541.

    29 Dec 2005, 09:13

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