November 05, 2006

Stats and FOIs

Iain Dale had 153,000 visitors to his blog in October. I’m not going to say how many I’ve had (as that’s just embarrassing vulgar), but my stats are surprisingly good.

If anyone doesn’t have a decent hit-counter on their blog, then get one. It’s fascinating to see which websites have linked to you, and who’s been referring the most people. I’ve learned about loads of websites I never knew existed just by seeing who had linked to my blog entries. So “Hi” to Adam and Counterspin and The Stage (yeah, I couldn’t work out why either) and Dave Sheffield and of course Google, all of whom sent me some visitors last month.

All I will say is that my other venture: Tetbury Online gets considerably less ‘hits’ than my blog does. Which is a bit weird.

I don’t want to suggest the blog’s been dumbed-down recently, but I am planning to take it upmarket with some original journalism in the next few months (and no, it’s not going to be about railway museums or WI meetings). There were a few moments, when I filed my first Freedom of Information request, when I thought I was probably wasting taxpayers money. But then I realised the job of a journalist is to cause trouble, and seeing as a streak in me has been doing that since the day I was born, I pressed “Send”. I’ll let you know what happens. And what the hell it’s about.

If anyone has an idea as to how I can cause some trouble (within the law, preferably) please do let me know in the Comments section.

P.S. Don’t let anyone tell you blogging is profitable. I’d be amazed if anyone (in Britain at least) could earn a living from it. You might notice the Amazon adverts in the sidebar have disappeared, as they’d earned me precisely £0.00 in the three months they’d been there. At best, you can only hope a newspaper might pay you to write something they’ve seen on your blog. And so far, no-one’s opened their wallet.

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  1. Oli

    Hey Chris. Cheers for the shout-out. I just got back from the climate change demo and have a backlog of stuff to post, including some pics. Unfrtni im stc in a shrt hnd qugmr rt nw. I fl lk i wl nvr escp :(

    05 Nov 2006, 20:05

  2. I nw th fling. Actly wrting it al in txt is qt hrd. Esp ^ 2 glses o wn. Se Y ith mring.

    05 Nov 2006, 20:22

  3. blamerbell

    Tough anti-spam question there. ‘Who is the British prime minister?’ A powerful statement on the political confusion of our times.

    On another note, Iain Dale has gone a bit coy recently, despite having hundreds of thousands of readers. Sometimes you want a bit of juice and all you get is a calypso pop:

    05 Nov 2006, 20:39

  4. I think you should GO BERSERK!

    06 Nov 2006, 00:17

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