October 28, 2008

Positively daft

This is Commander Ali Dizaei. He’s the President of the National Black Police Association. And today he called for positive discrimination to boost the number of black police officers.

This is dangerous ground – he admitted his comments could cause division among white officers.

He said that extremism called for the “right people” to be fast-tracked into the job.

But if a serious argument is going to be had about this issue, then Mr Dizaei is not the best person to start it. He’s currently suspended from the Met Police. In fact, he’s being investigated on three separate counts of misconduct.

Shouldn’t he be quiet for a while, rather than stoke up an issue which he admits is going to divide the force he works for?

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  1. Are you a good police officer? Do you have the relevant experience? Do you work well with your colleagues? Have you shown outstanding leadership qualities/appropriate skills?
    Here’s the job.

    I can’t see where race enters into it.

    29 Oct 2008, 11:08

  2. In Mr Desai’s case race enters it when it can be used as a smokescreen.

    Mr Desai would like to see black and asian officers needing lower performance standards in order to enter the profession and to progress within the profession, guaranteeing that black and asian officers will be rewearded when they are weaker performers.

    If you follow the chain(s) of dominos that fall you have a) black and asian members of the force being weaker b) black and asian members of the force being seen as weaker c) black and asian communities being served less well d) lowering of standards across the force as black and asian police percentages increase.

    Because black and asian police are more likely to serve black and asian communities, he is guaranteeing that black and asian communities have less scrutinised and lower performing officers, because there would be no need to attain high standards to be a black and asian officer.

    He pushes forward and supports agendas like this in many professions without realising the logical consequences – eg ‘Mr Desai would like to see black and asian doctors requiring lower standards of clinical practice to enter the profession, then guarantee that they are investigated less often and with less scrutiny that white doctors’.

    The irony in this scenario is that that most black/asian patients will choose a black or asian doctor as both a preference, and because of geography – so Mr Desai is guranteeing that Black and Asian patients will have a poorer quality and less regulated service!

    What an idiot!

    03 Nov 2008, 10:56

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