January 11, 2007

Posh is wearing the trousers then

Victoria Beckham. In trousers (Prada presumably). The news that David Beckham is to move to the (ahem…) prestigious LA Galaxy team tells us who is the dominant partner in his marriage.

Presumably the Madrid shopping scene was a little too… Spanish? for Victoria and she’s demanded a transfer. Seriously, you’d think she was the one playing football.

The Daily Telegraph sports writer, Chris Davies said of the move: “The LA lifestyle would suit Posh but (for a player) it’s an elephant’s graveyard. If you go there you might as well sign off and claim your pension.”

Sure, David will get a heap of money. Although not much more than if he’d stayed where he was. And ignore “the deal’s reportedly worth £128m” that you’ll see in the press. After tax it’ll be worth little more than half that.

I can see why David wouldn’t want to play in England again. [bias] Nothing can top Manchester United. [/bias] But I find it hard to believe there weren’t more challenges for him on the continent.

In his own mind, I suspect David’s logic is that if anyone can make football popular in America, it’s him. He might have a point. If he’d done it four years ago. Instead, he’s more likely to make himself appear wet as he has the occasional injury in front of the home team who demand a bit more manliness from their sports stars than we do over here.

What Beckham should have done was branched out a bit further. Imagine how much money he’d make from

David Beckham’s Bare-Knuckle Boxing


David Beckham’s Extreme Tasering Championships

I know I’d pay to watch. We’ve seen him look like a bit of a wimp for over ten years now, and it’s high time he invented himself. Instead he’s done what Victoria’s told him so she can further her own career. In shopping.

Edit: Just found some interesting information in the very lengthy press release. 19 Entertainment is Beckham’s agent, who are better known for bringing us Pop Idol, S Club 7, oh, and the Spice Girls.

“This historic partnership [that’s what they’re calling Beckham’s transfer] with 19 Entertainment and CAA Sports will also create tremendous and exciting new opportunities for us to collectively develop additional worldwide initiatives,” Leiweke continued. “The synergies created with 19 Entertainment, the worldwide leaders in branding and imaging along with CAA Sports, the premier sports representation agency will result in numerous new and profitable ventures.”

So there’s more to this than meets the eye then…

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    If I’d won the Champions League, Premiership, FA Cup, been England captain and be the most lucrative and famous footballer in the world, I don’t think I’d turn down an opportunity to earn that much money over 5 years either and be able to live in LA as opposed to Madrid.

    11 Jan 2007, 16:48

  2. Rich Horton

    I don’t think Becks is gonna have to worry about taxes over here. He will easily double his salary in endorsements. The big question is can he pretend to stomach Budweiser?

    11 Jan 2007, 17:08

  3. You know, a factoid isn’t “a little fact”, it’s something that’s commonly believed to be true but actually isn’t. Unless you’re a filthy commie and enjoy diluting the meaning of words.

    11 Jan 2007, 17:28

  4. According to a book:

    The “-oid” ending in English is normally added to a word to indicate that an item is not the real thing. A humanoid is not quite human. Originally “factoid” was an ironic term indicating that the “fact” being offered was not actually factual. However, CNN and other sources have taken to treating the “-oid” as if it were a mere diminutive, and using the term to mean “trivial but true fact.” As a result, the definition of “factoid” is hopelessly confused and it’s probably better to avoid using the term altogether.

    If I’m a Commie, so’s CNN.

    11 Jan 2007, 17:36

  5. Mathew Mannion

    If I’m a Commie, so’s CNN.

    Well that’s settled then.

    12 Jan 2007, 09:28

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