September 05, 2006

Monkeys Schmonkeys

I’m still not feeling the Arctic Monkeys. They might have won the Mercury Prize, but I still feel an in-built aversion to them.

Something about them doesn’t seem very original to me. Ignore the lyrics and everything else could have been written 20-30 years ago. The only thing they seem to have going for them is that they’re young. Well good on ‘em, but in my humble opinion kids that age ought to be a bit more creative.

Arctic MonkeysAll of the reasons given for their win this evening could have been translated (without much effort) into “They’re the band who’ve had the most hype”, which for me isn’t a good reason.

I know I’m gonna get random Google-oriented abuse from 12-year-olds (and probably plenty from the more cultured reader of my blog), but I’m still not won over by their music. Sorry.


P.S. Since you ask, Thom Yorke, Guillemots or perhaps Hot Chip should have won.

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  1. I find it interesting that the Mercury has gone for the obvious act for the second time in recent years (Franz ‘04 being the other). It’s always been seen as the prize which won’t give itself to the commonly perceived best album (OK Computer losing out to Ronnie Size), yet it’s done so twice now. In a strange way this makes me find it more credible, as if they aren’t really following any pattern either towards or against the mainstream opinion. I wouldn’t have given it to Whatever… as I think Black Holes And Revelations is better, but when we’ve had a year in which absolute travesties have abounded at the Brits (Jack Johnson beating Arcade Fire being easily the worst example of allowing cloth eared stoats to judge rather than people with any heart or soul) I don’t think it’s an awful decision.

    05 Sep 2006, 23:47

  2. Mathew Mannion

    Muse should have won. Or maybe Guillemots… Hot Chip album only has 2 or 3 outstanding tracks and the Guillemots one is great for a listen but nothing compared to Black Holes and Revelations.

    06 Sep 2006, 00:35

  3. As Himself said this morning:

    Favourites Win Mercury Shocker

    For any other awards ceremony this would be irony.

    (Like goldy and bronzey.)

    06 Sep 2006, 09:47

  4. IMHO, Muse should have won for BH&R it was far better than many of the albums nominated (of those I have heard), including that of the Arctic Monkeys; not to say I don’t like them – but seeing Muse after the Monkeys at Reading really displayed the strength and quality of their songs compared to the Arctic Monkeys’. I think the Guillemots/Hot Chip albums aren’t as strong as either of these, and giving it to Thom Yorke seems just a little obvious, TBH. Well that’s my 2 cents!

    14 Sep 2006, 01:10

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