July 27, 2006

Lib Dems' poll ratings take a battering

According to an ICM/Guardian poll out today:

The most obvious observation is that people who supported the Lib Dems over the Iraq War are drifting back to the two major parties again following what has been a disastrous year and quiet few months for Ming Campbell.

But here's some other thoughts:

  • Labour is clearly banking on their new leader (assume it to be Brown) to take the lead back from the Conservatives when they take power. I think this strategy's a bit risky and Brown ought to be setting out his stall already, even if he's not in Number 10. There's a danger that he won't have long enough to impress the public before he's forced to call an election. Plus, he's about as charasmatic as cabbage soup, so needs all the help he can get.

  • Labour's rise (up 3%) also suggests that voters are forgiving the government for the many problems they've got themselves into recently. This raises the question of whether people care about or understand the cash–for–honours scandal. Until it directly smacks Blair in the face, I'm not sure voters will fully associate it with the government.

  • The Conservatives are continuing to do well under Cameron, although he still hasn't had much to do so far. When he starts talking about substantive policy issues people might see him as a turn–off. So far they've only heard him talk about bicycles, underwear and solar power.

  • Ming is doomed. While extremely competent with the Lib Dems' foreign affairs brief, he's clearly not got the right skills to lead the party on other issues. If the Conservatives can do well while not talking about policy, how come the Lib Dems are finding the exact opposite happening to them?

  • The Conservatives think they need 40% of the vote in order to get a majority. With Labour likely to receive a boost under their new leader, Cameron will know he hasn't done enough yet to avoid the possibility of a hung parliament.

  • Overall, there's cause of optimism here for the Tories and Labour. But the Lib Dems have got a problem. If they lose seats at the next election, which looks likely given how close the other two parties are likely to be, then they could enter a decade of soul–searching which could cripple the party.

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  1. paul


    Conservatives can still win, but they need to take a page from Thatcher and Reagan. Both used their moral foundation to INDIRECTLY appeal to the voters common sense on issues.

    Thatcher was certainally not a "Preachy" politician, and for the most part neither was Reagan. But they spoke directly on the issues, and why they thought something was wrong, and quite clearly stated how they wanted to fix it.

    Neither was afraid of controversy, in that the nonesense thrown by the Left was so easily shot down, by calm or if called for, emotional but reasoned debate.

    The last election, went too far into people's private lives…..stick to Thatcher's style and content, and victory is assured.


    27 Jul 2006, 14:54

  2. rcnaether@hotmail.com

    Yes I agree the Tories need to go for Thatcher ask her back, and Labour will have another land slide. For crying out loud why not dig up Churchill. Thatcher was rubbish she ruined this country forced millions on top the dole and took the country into the biggest mess it ever had. We nearly lost the Falklands except for a bloody good unit of Para’s we would have lost. Blair has done the same and caused our troops to fight a modern war with a rubbish government.

    No thanks we must go forward not back wards, I am willing to give Cameron a chance, and that takes some doing I’ve voted Labour for 40 years.

    ID cards are my reason for not voting Labour a waste of money like many of Blair’s idea, reminds me of Thatcher, forward not backs.

    03 Aug 2006, 18:04

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