May 21, 2006

Gross Stupidity

According to early exit polls, the wise people of Montenegro have voted to become independent of Serbia.

Did these people not watch the Eurovision Song Contest??? The last thing we need is another bloody Balkan country to lengthen the proceedings and inevitably vote for their neighbours!

I think nations should be grouped together and they vote as one (so Latvia, Lithuania and Moldova share, as do Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, FYR Macedonia).

And it was a shame to see Ireland let the side down and give a disproportionate amount of votes to the UK entry. Please stop it Ireland, you're ruining any credibility we have when we demand the voting system is sorted out!

And I'm loving this story: link – The Russians clearly don't like the fact that Eurovision isn't prone to rigging by the Mafia. Any impropriety is clearly done by 'ordinary' people with no taste.

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  1. I do hate to point it out, but i'm pretty sure that uniting Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and FYR Macedonia was once tried…not with the best consequences…!

    21 May 2006, 21:52

  2. Serbia & Montenegro didn't actually entger this year's ESC, as the Serbians claimed the national vote which decided a Montenegrin band should go to Athens was rigged or not. The Montenegrins said it wasn't, and refused to rerun the contest, so they pulled out. They still got to vote, though.

    21 May 2006, 22:16

  3. Oh I'm not suggesting they actually merge. I think we know the likely result of that. But the voting should be weighted by region so that we don't end up with Cornwall breaking off from the UK and giving us 12 points every year.

    21 May 2006, 22:57

  4. Sam

    lol – Laura, my immediate response was EXACTLY the same!! hahahaha we are clever educated beans…(the jumping kind)

    I gave my housemate a full political update on the world through the proxy of the Eurovision song contest. That, combined with a quick geography covering, meant that we pretty much had the process nailed very early on and were predicting the votes left right and centre

    God love the Europolitics! :–)

    21 May 2006, 23:40

  5. fettisch

    Eurovision: The German Horrorkabinett wins Song–Contest!
    They cant govern and they cant sing neither: Still the German Horror–Kabinett won!
    Get all the Infos and Pics at!
    Eurovision: German Horror–Kabinett wins!

    22 May 2006, 15:48

  6. Tim Roll-Pickering

    Just a few general points of info. There's actually a limit on the number of entrants in each Eurovision so the show on the night won't lengthen. I forget the set–up but basically most of the big countries are guaranteed slots.

    As for voting, here's an interesting summary :

    Basically only Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Iceland, Monaco, the UK and Greece all did not vote for their immediate neighbours (oh and Israel too but their neighbours weren't in the contest), although some show disapora influences. So to win you need lots of neighbours!

    It may reflect shared cultural values – for instance Balkan populations may all be attracted to similar music all five (as they were on Saturday!) former Yugoslav countries voted for one another and the only others voting for any were Albania (next door), Turkey (long history in the region) and Monaco (!) but at times it does look suspiciously like Eurovision has become the latest way for European countries to get one over each other!

    22 May 2006, 23:44

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