November 17, 2006

Children in Need promoting oral sex

I feel like Mary Whitehouse. There I was, eating my breakfast, when the video to Emma Bunton’s cover of Downtown came on the television.

The lights are much brighter there / You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares / So go downtown

These innocent lyrics, first sung by Petula Clark have been ham-fistedly turned into a piece of filth by Emma Bunton’s video.

"Emma Bunton goes Downtown"Wearing a skimpy maid’s outfit, accompanied by some buff men, Ms Bunton’s eyes and fingers head below her midriff everytime she sings the word “Downtown”.

The dirty ho.

Now in the world of music video, this would be unremarkable. We have Beyonce swimming in champagne wearing little more than a pair of knickers. We have Jay-Z and others smacking their ‘bitches’. And we have Ronan Keating, for whom there is no conceivable excuse.

But this is the official song for Children in Need!

I’m not sure what message Children in Need sends out to our kids. But if Emma Bunton’s video is anything to go by, then it’s:

“Go on kids, give oral sex a try!”

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    Children in Need has never been aimed at kids, it’s always been decidedly adult in content. And anyway, in my opinion censoring these kind of things from children is what causes kids to go out and experiment with stuff.

    17 Nov 2006, 09:52

  2. Allan Smith

    I’m going to need the name of this Beyonce video.

    17 Nov 2006, 10:31

  3. You can’t get pregnant off oral sex, so it might be an idea to get at least some kids doing it rather than just getting preggers :P

    17 Nov 2006, 10:59

  4. Adam

    If over 2 million pounds has been raised by 11.20 tonight, Pudsey the Bear will suck off Terry Wogan live on stage.

    17 Nov 2006, 14:59

  5. You’re sick.

    17 Nov 2006, 15:40

  6. Allan Smith

    It’s times like this I thank NASA for inventing Sky+.

    17 Nov 2006, 15:47

  7. I still find it a bit bizarre that Children In Need once had “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed as their song.”Perfect Day” is about Reed’s romanticised attitude towards his own heroin addiction – not quite the message I thought Children In Need would’ve gone for in the whole family-friendly charity stakes.

    17 Nov 2006, 16:15

  8. I disagree with the first part of comment 3.

    17 Nov 2006, 16:58

  9. Oh for christ’s sake. Can’t we just get on with the raising money for a good cause and stop fussing over a silly video? Urgh.

    17 Nov 2006, 18:21

  10. gav

    Perfect Day was nothing to do with Children in Need, it was a BBC promotional thing.

    18 Nov 2006, 00:04

  11. charlotte


    18 Nov 2006, 10:14

  12. Hamid Sirhan

    Since when has Children in Need been about providing Tellytubbies? I don’t remember being in the position to give to charity when I was 5 years old.

    As has been pointed out, it’s always been adult in nature (wasn’t that Ali G + Beckham and his Mrs. interview for CIN? Or was that for comic relief?). A slight hint towards oral sex – oh no…. the men who are watching women in skimpy clothes would never have had anything dirty on their mind. They need the women in skimpy clothes to actually simulate a sexual act in order to fully imagine it. Crikey.

    Lighten up! I’d have imagined you’d have found the fact that it was EMMA BUNTON who was singing the song to have been far more offensive than any sexual references…

    19 Nov 2006, 06:36

  13. charlotte

    Teletubbies is for 0-3 year olds only! I don’t think kids who are under three years of age have learnt how tod eal with children in need, do you?!

    19 Nov 2006, 09:16

  14. Well its kind of also based on the huge move of all music videos becoming more and more saucy/verging on being sexually explicit.

    Apparantly one year for red nose day someone did a striptease (dunno if it was broadcasted) when £11million donations was made.

    20 Nov 2006, 13:24

  15. Billy Connely streaked across the set for Comic Relief when a total was raised once. Harly the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

    20 Nov 2006, 16:11

  16. charlotte

    On what date is red nose day again?

    21 Nov 2006, 16:54

  17. charlotte

    On what date is red nose day again?

    21 Nov 2006, 16:54

  18. Nothing wrong with oral sex… remember that other charity motto… it is better to give than to receive!

    21 Nov 2006, 19:27

  19. Sex sells. Children In Need is purely about raising money. Children don’t (comparably) have money, so it is aimed at adults. Therefore, get some hot babe half naked and centre stage singing about oral sex innendos and then we can rake it in and then the children come into it by benifiting. As long as it doesn’t go too far, i.e. people like Adam in post 4 are never given a position of power over anything moe dangerous than a wet piece of string, then I don’t mind it.

    Oh, and:

    Vincent Carroll-Battaglino
    I disagree with the first part of comment 3.

    Erm… how? You cannot get pregnant from oral sex. Trust me, I’m a biologist.

    p.s. How does one actually quote on here? I had to resort to copying and pasting the above, but I have seen people actually have a proper quote in a set box and the like. How do I do that, please?

    23 Nov 2006, 18:37

  20. Adam, type bq and then put a full stop and a space after it then add the quote. bq.

    23 Nov 2006, 21:07

  21. Holly Cruise
    Adam, type bq and then put a full stop and a space after it then add the quote. bq.

    Lets see if it works?

    24 Nov 2006, 11:25

  22. You win.

    24 Nov 2006, 12:21

  23. Becci

    Allan, the Beyonce video is called “Naughty Girl”.

    Children in Need will do pretty much anything to get money, haven’t u seen the show lol! It’s so painful to watch now. This Emma Bunton stuff is NOTHING compared to the rubbish they will air.

    25 Nov 2006, 22:18

  24. Alicia

    Who’d have thought it.

    27 Nov 2006, 07:38

  25. lol bot

    01 Dec 2006, 16:39

  26. Frank Bridge

    I can only hope that this will encourage children to eat sardines on toast which is very nutritional and which is more than can be said for Bunton’s brioche.

    11 Dec 2006, 12:10

  27. claire

    red nose day is for children as well as adults they buy the noses and money for not wearing there uniforms i think emma sould put some clothes on that fits her she is sending messages out that its okay to wear silly clothes its wrong that they sell things like any kind off sex

    16 Mar 2007, 22:30

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