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January 14, 2007

It ain't over till the fat darts player sings!

Dart boardIt was a televisual Easter Sunday. It made Martin Luther King look like Mickey Mouse. It was the dawn of a new era for man. They’ll be re-writing the bible for this.

Yes, that’s right. It was that big. The fat, beer-swilling Martin Adams beat the fat, beer-swilling Phil Nixon in the biggest sporting event since the 1966 World Cup, the Lakeside World Darts Championships.

The hyperbole was so thick I thought I was going to drown. The tension was so stark that the players’ wives looked set to divorce them at any minute. The commentators were so cliched I thought Jim Bowen, Steve Irwin and Bob Monkhouse would all, implausibly, appear on screen.

Adams was 6 frames to 0 ahead when Nixon took the next six frames himself! It all came down to the thirteenth, decisive frame.

The United Nations stopped work to watch this climax of Earth’s existence. And then… ADAMS TOOK IT!!!!

I’ve never seen the allure of darts. But the coverage on BBC Two was so hilarious, so over-the-top, so utterly daft, it was essential viewing. Tonight’s spectacle was so immense it’ll surely be retold for generations to come.

Blogroll – not to be confused with bogroll

My BlogrollLet’s talk blogrolls. It’s that list on the right which lists some other blogs. Mine’s quite selective. I read everything on there quite regularly. A lot of blogs have much more extensive blogrolls that list anyone who links to them. They’ve often never heard of each other.

In Google ranking terms, my blog probably suffers because I don’t link to hundreds of people, so they don’t link to me. I occasionally think about widening my blogroll to increase the number of hits I get, but for now I’ll stick to quality over quantity. As such, I’d recommend any of the blogs on that list – they’re all worth reading. But here’s some highlights…

Inside Iraq is the newest addition to my blogroll. It’s written by several Iraqi journalists in Baghdad and is a very personal account of working and living in the most dangerous place on the planet. Every entry’s a must-read.

It was recommended by Adrian Monck who’s a journalism lecturer at City University. His blog’s a bit like Greenslade’s blog at the Guardian, commenting on the world of journalism.

One of his students is Adam Westbrook who never gets as many hits as he should. Some of you may know him from Jimmy and Adam’s Adventures in Radiophonic Wonderland on RaW last year. There’s some journalism-related stuff on his blog and plenty about Africa too.

And then there’s Blamerbell’s Briefs which is taking the world of Welsh politics by storm. His blog makes politicians look silly, and yet they read it nonetheless. Must be doing something right.

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