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October 12, 2006

RaW Nominated for 8 Student Radio Awards

RaW has picked up 8 nominations at this year’s Student Radio Awards, including one in the prestigious Best Station category.

Matt Rebeiro, RaW’s Head of Production, picked up a nomination for his shows last year in the category of Best Newcomer.

RaW’s technical wizards get some much-deserved recognition for their work with a nomination in the Best Technical Innovation category, for their custom-built Digital Playout System known as Digiplay, which is one of the most revolutionary bits of kit in British student radio ( read more – .pdf )

RaW’s Doppelganger picked up a nomination in the category of Best Comedy and Drama ( listen ), as did They Think RaW Sport’s All Over, a not particularly subtle rip-off of a well known TV show ( listen ).

Peter Swan and RaW News are nominated for Best Interview, for interviews with Boris Johnson and David Davis ( listen ) respectively.

James Buckland and Adam Westbrook receive a well-deserved nomination ( listen ) in the Best Entertainment category for their programme James and Adam’s Adventures in Radiophonic Wonderland.

And finally RaW was nominated in the Best Station category. RaW has won this twice in the past and the winner gets to produce a programme for BBC Radio 1 later this year.

Congratulations to all the nominees! All of the winners will be announced on 7th November at a swanky London ceremony hosted by Radio 1’s Jo Whiley and Scott Mills.

And don’t forget you can listen to more genius radio on RaW 1251AM

The Science of Headlines

Amanda Powell, editor of BBC News Wales websitesWhat makes a good headline?

According to Amanda Powell (right), editor of BBC News Online in Wales, there’s far more to it than you’d imagine, and it’s all about trying to feed you the bare bones of the story as quickly as possible.

At the moment, users of BBC News Online spend an average of 3.12minutes on the site every time they visit and Amanda says they’re trying to get you to view more stories in those 3.12mins.

How do they do this? By feeding you as much information as they can at the top of the story, and that means in the headline and the summary. As a result, a lot of work goes into getting these right.

BBC News WalesBelieve it or not, the BBC’s content production system makes you choose a headline of 31-33 characters, which is pretty precise. This is so it can work on Ceefax and mobile phones, as well as the web.

Check out this story from the Press Association:

“European Commission enters UK cheese row”

This headline seems to strike a delicate balance between describing what is essentially a dull, albeit amusing story, and grabbing the reader’s attention. The words “UK cheese row” offset the audience-killing “European Commission”.

But if the aim of the exercise is to help you read as little of the story as possible in order to understand it, is that necessarily a good thing? Aren’t journalists shooting themselves in the foot if they try and help you consume as little as possible of their work? It’s an interesting one and makes me feel reporting can sometimes be a little artless.

Has Tony got a dicky ticker?

David Blunkett says Tony Blair has been having heart problems since 1988.

Downing Street denies the allegation, made in Blunkett’s new book of diaries.

Who do we believe?

Well, ordinarily I rarely believe a word that comes from the Labrador-loving former Home-Secretary. But he appears to have two witnesses who are willing to corroborate his story. And they are?

Fmr President Bill Clinton and HM Queen Elizabeth II

The “mystified” response from Number 10 either confirms what we’ve always known about spin doctors, or suggests Tony doesn’t trust them either!

Let's Ban Big Ads

I’ve just been watching Tom Watson’s pretty good video-blog based on David Cameron’s recent effort. He makes some nice points but he’s inadvertantly(!) given me an idea.

He says if David Cameron wanted to clean up politics, he’d propose the end of billboard advertising of political parties during elections. It’s a good idea and would save our financially insecure political parties some dosh, as well as taking out some of the nastiness of elections such as this:

"New Labour - New Danger"

But I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t we ban all billboard advertising? They’re ugly, expensive, very ‘old media’ and benefit only the people who are paid to produce them and stick them up. They’re an eyesore, often hide some much more attractive buildings behind them and rarely advertise anything useful.

Yes, we live in a society where we have ‘free speech’, but we don’t seem to have ‘equal free speech’. Realistically only rich companies can afford to buy up billboards across the country and why should they get any bigger say than anyone else? We also live in a liberal society where in many respects “anything goes” so long as it’s not offensive.

But aren’t some of these offensive when they represent the view out of many people’s own windows? I remember back in Leamington the traffic lights next to the railway station were surrounded by a barrage of the things that just looked scruffy.

Well if Tom Watson wants to do some clearing-up, why doesn’t he go the whole way rather than just trying to clean up politics? I expect to see him on the streets armed with a JCB very soon.

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